Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer activities and paleo foods.

I love broccoli salad. It is probably one of my favorite go to whole30/paleo meals 

I picked up some apple juice sweetened cranberries at natural grocers 

Chopped onion, sunflower seeds, cranberries, green apple, and broccoli 

With mayo, mustard, and a touch of red wine vinegar 

Almond butter and jelly tortilla wraps for the park 

I found these at natural grocers and they are really cool. They made little square sheets and they taste just like fruit roll ups. 

On Saturday I made pancakes. I mixed three bananas and 6 eggs with cinnamon and a little coconut flour. 

Pour on a griddle and top with fresh blueberries 

Emma loved them! 

For dinner we had teriyaki pineapple pork 

Top pork chops with onion, jalapeño, and fresh pineapple 

I seasoned it with shichimi togarashi but you could use anything 

Then coat it with the coconut aminos teriyaki (I didn't put the onions and peppers on Emmas pork chop) and bake at 350 for about 35-40 minutes

I served it with fried "rice" and sautéed stir fry veggies

Our Paleo/whole30 kroger haul 

I love love love smoked oysters 

Buffalo tuna and salad with ranch  

More PB&J

We have had restaurant french fries, sno cones, popcorn, a cookie, cake, and ice cream this weekend because of THREE parties. Twas a busy weekend. BUT we're going to be a balanced family. When we are home and I am in charge of what goes on the plate - it is going to be paleo. I want her to grow up eating healthy but not told that certain foods are BAD or OFF LIMITS foods. We have lots of trips and parties over the summer. She won't be 100% paleo all the time and that is ok. My main goal is to get her to eat MORE whole foods and get MORE nutrition than she was. Less processed pre packaged convenience food and more home cooked nutrition- THAT I can do. 

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