Friday, June 2, 2017

Paleo Kid: Day 2

Yesterday went really well. She didn't eat the deer roast I made for dinner but she had roasted potatoes and carrots - one green bean-  and a larabar.... TODDLERS 

This morning she had chorizo scrambled eggs and strawberries. I didn't take a picture but she loved it. I just called it taco eggs. 
She had a snack of a fruits and greens spinach strawberry larabar. Sneaking in spinach without her knowing is FABULOUS. 

For lunch she wanted to make her own PBJ sandwich. 

We had PBJ, Chips, and an orange 

This mikeys sliced bread is at the longview walmart in the frozen section. 
The longview walmart surprisingly has several paleo options in their frozen section FYI

We are using roasted almond butter (just almonds) and smuckers fruit and honey (just strawberries and honey) which were both purchased at the marshall kroger. I still call it PBJ but peanut butter is NOT paleo since peanuts are a legume and not a nut. You can use any nut butter that has no sugar added. We like cashew butter too. This particular almond butter was on closeout at Kroger and so I snatched it up. You keep it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh so I scooped some out and microwaved it for about 30 seconds so it would smear easier. 

This fruit and honey smuckers is so good! Seriously everyone should just buy this jelly from now on. We have another jar of jelly in the fridge right now that is Strawberries, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, pectin. Probably best to get corn syrup out of our fridge. 

I let her make her own sandwich. 

Gave her a few plantain chips cooked in coconut oil that I grabbed at vitamins plus in Longview. 
You can find coconut oil and avocado oil cooked chips at the Marshall kroger too. 

Success! She ate the whole sandwich and orange - but only one chip. The bread is pretty thick so she was probably just full. She never said anything about the bread being "Weird" or anything. It isn't like regular bread but it is very yummy. 

I told her "Tonight we are having steak!" and she said "HOORAY STEAK!!!!" So I don't think that she will even really notice. I just hope she doesn't want something she has eaten before that isn't paleo and I say she can't have it. Maybe we will just shoot for 90/10 paleo like mommy! When we are home she will be paleo. If we go to a special party or trip we can eat some non paleo items. I have tried really hard to look up as many recipes for paleo swaps to her favorite foods. Stay tuned for tomorrow -we are having chicken nuggets using almond meal and french fries!  

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