Sunday, June 4, 2017

Diets and Donuts

Our church has donuts every Sunday. My daughter usually devours these donuts. So I knew this morning going in I wouldn't worry about her eating a donut at church. I want my kid to eat healthy but also want her to learn balance. I don't want her to develop food stigmas. I read a report that 81% of 10 year old girls are afraid of getting fat and ultimately develop some form of eating disorder. 23% of teen girls in the United States will develop an eating disorder. I want to be clear that while my own journey started form a past of morbid obesity and essentially was a diet of sorts to lose weight - my child weighs 30 pounds and is not showing any signs of childhood obesity. This is not a diet I am putting her on. This is me trying to teach her heatlhy eating habits. Im trying to empower her to make healthy choices so that her body is getting nutrition. I don't want to talk about weight and diets around her. I want to promote health and strength. "We eat fruits and veggies so we can run fast like mommy!" "We are building strong bodies and it's going to make you taller like your cousin!" I haven't told her she can't have anything. When she asks for something that is less healthy I just offer her something I am willing to let her eat. 

Back to the donut.... 

Before church I gave her a chocolate chip larabar so she would have eaten something sweet prior to seeing the donuts. She didn't want one. Chris in fact ate four in front of her.... despite the fact that we did go over a plan of attack ... I don't WANT her to have a donut but if she asks for one we aren't going to say No. Dads! Thankfully though she went all through church with no donut. BUT at 12:20 when we were ready to leave she SCREAMED for a donut. Seriously melt down central. The donuts were at 8:30 child they are all gone (thankfully) so you can't have one. It is now time for lunch. We can go home and eat. I felt bad so I offered to even go to the grocery store and let her pick out a treat. Well her meltdown was intense - so intense I called TIME OUT on that and we got in trouble and went home and had PBJ toast instead (which she devoured). So day four didn't have any non paleo treats after all. 

I went to the grocery store after lunch alone. I almost grabbed these apple chips for a healthy snack. Check out the ingredients. 

Canola oil and corn syrup???? Always check your ingredients and don't assume that things that LOOK healthy and good for your child are. 

We got fruit and veggie pouches, green beans, lots of compliant marinara, coconut milk, and coconut date rolls 

Mandarin oranges in 100% juice, and no sugar added apple sauce 

Fruit and veggie juice 

Frozen fruit for ice cream and popsicles 

Lots of yummy produce 

PRO TIP:  We still have some bread, cereal, and chocolate pretzels that dad will eat but I have made sure to keep them hidden. Everything she can see and grab I want her to eat. If your child can help themselves to the pantry for snacks or to help with picking out their meal make sure it's all stuff you are ok with them picking. 

This morning she wanted chocolate milk but obviously we had nesquick powder which isn't good. SO I threw it out and picked up some honey, vanilla, and cocoa powder at Kroger. You just put it in a sauce pan and add some water and it's hershey syrup. 

Put in a container and store in your fridge! Ill mix it with unsweetened almond milk and BAM chocolate milk 

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