Saturday, June 3, 2017

Day Three

We are on day three... they say it takes about 21 to create a habit. Maybe it is less when you're only three???? She keeps asking for toast ... so today we ate a lot of pickles to distract from the bread  😂

Last night we had steak kabobs and fries.

I love when they have reduced produce bags! I got four bell peppers for $1 
These sirloin pieces were on managers special for $7 

We stuck our feet in the pool while daddy grilled! 

I gave her a TON of steak and potatoes and she ate EVERY bite! This will be a go to meal I guess 

I think she is more inclined to eat everything when she knows that were all eating the same meal! I also have been making sure she is helping and watching while we prepare and cook meals.

This morning for breakfast we had leftover banana muffins and strawberries and cantaloupe. 

For lunch we had a random modge podge


Larabar crunchy seed and nut bar in almond cacao

Lunch Day 3: Applegate pepperoni, hard boiled egg, larabar, and potato chips! 

A number of pre made seasoning blends are actually not as simple as you would expect. This one from trader joes is REALLY good and it is whole30/paleo 

This weber seasoning is also whole30/paleo but not all of them are so read the label

Tonight I made chicken nuggets - dredge your chicken pieces in egg and then almond flour 

Put on a coconut oil greased cookie sheet and bake at 380 for about 35-40 minutes

I made maple mustard sauce for Emma to dip the chicken nuggets in but I watched and the only thing dipped were fingers... 

Crispy baked perfection 

Dinner Day 3: Green beans, chicken nuggets, and sweet potato fries. She ate every bite 

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