Monday, November 14, 2016

Chorizo and Plantain Breakfast Casserole

Saturday night I went to get a few groceries for the week, and when I got there this huge pineapple display was starting at me! They were on major sale for 99 cents so I grabbed one. Then the plantains looked SO yummy so I grabbed one of those too. From that idea I decided to get some chorizo and go for a breakfast recipe.

Side note - I shard this on Instagram for those of you who follow me there, but see the red band bananas? I love to buy these for recipes where I am cooking the banana into something. This is great for blueberry eggs and pumpkin custard or in any kind of pancake/bread type of recipe if you're eating those. They are super cheap and you just peel them and put them in a freezer bag and freeze. Then pull out a banana and thaw anytime you need one! 

Now for the casserole:

2 ripe plantains (I like to get yellow ones with black spots - not fully black ones)
2 large jalapeños
1 package of chorizo
8 eggs
Coconut Oil

Slice your plantains and jalapeños and sauté in a skillet with coconut oil.

This gives your plantains kind of crispy pieces and your jalapeños a little char. Now put them in the bottom of a smaller baking dish and add a little salt. (My dish is 8X8 and worked perfect for this recipe.) 

Next brown your chorizo in the same skillet and then add to the top of the plantains and peppers.

Now beat 8 eggs and pour over the top and press everything with a spoon so that the egg evenly goes throughout the whole casserole and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes. 

I served mine with avocado and that 99 cent pineapple! 

It makes four servings from the pan I used, but you could always adjust the amount of eggs and the size of your baking dish for a bigger crowd. It is SO good - you should try it IMMEDIATELY! 

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