Saturday, September 17, 2016

Four pounds and eight miles!

Ok guys - it is official I am only FOUR pounds from being HALF MY SIZE!!!
I am also about 6 pounds from being in a "normal" weight BMI from class III extreme morbid obesity with a BMI of 42. I don't really use the BMI scale to chart my progress, but I do think it's interesting to see how far I have come within this perspective.

Then, as if this wasn't awesome enough I also ran EIGHT miles this morning. My longest distance ever AND on top of it it was a REALLY damn good time.

I got up early on my Saturday and decided to just enjoy the outdoors and the quiet alone time. The sun was rising and there was fog in the pastures I passed. It was really a peaceful and nice way to spend my morning. I decided Saturday should just be my designated run 8 miles day. 

I kept pace the whole time and never really felt like I needed to slow down. At mile 6 I was really feeling the endorphins and I was like "OMG JUST RUN 10 JOHANNA" but at mile 8 I realized I was super hungry and thirsty and could do 10 miles another day. I already accomplished SO much with my time and distance on this run that I didn't need to over push my limits. 

So I came home, took a shower, and treated myself to coffee, pumpkin custard with cinnamon pecans, bacon, and some berries! The perfect post run refuel.

I have really pushed myself with running over the past few months and grown SO much as a runner. 

In August I finished up with 75 miles and so far in September I have run my fastest mile at 7:52 and my farthest distance! 

I am currently on day 66 of this Whole30 round - halfway to my "cheat" meal. I don't really know what I want to cheat with though. Originally I thought pumpkin spice latte, but now I am so in tiger blood phase that I am thinking MAYBE I will go all the way to my Half Marathon and eat pancakes afterward or something. If I went to the half it would be 157 days of compliance. At that point you almost feel like DO I JUST KEEP GOING? hahaha Who knows. Whatever I decide I want it to be worth it and I want it to be because I really WANT that thing and not because my round is over so I have to come up with something. Until then I am just gonna keep on eating all this whole30 yumminess.

I made breakfasts casseroles for our canoe trip. All totally complaint!

This was butternut squash and chorizo with jalapeƱos! SO GOOD 

Packed the canoe with whole30 staples. Boiled eggs, avocado oil chips, plum, carrots with buffalo mayo, nicks sticks compliant slim jim like beef sticks, lara bars, and dried fruit and nuts. 

Totally perfect! 

My mom made sure she made compliant dinner while we were there!
Yummy rosemary chicken, brussel sprouts, and potatoes. 

Eating compliant even at a random restaurant in Arkansas 

Literally so dead over the yumminess that is these eggs! 

I again had someone ask about what I can eat on whole30 and as you can see A LOT. I definitely do not starve. Some days I think maybe my portions are a little too big haha but I also run a lot so I don't worry about portion size or if I have had too much avocado, bacon, and sweet potatoes. I LIVE MY LIFE. I DO WHAT I WANT. I am becoming strong and healthy all with the power of REAL food! 

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