Monday, August 8, 2016

Whole130 Inspo

My Whole130 is going great. This round I have found a few new compliant finds. 

These new Kind pressed fruit bars are like that's it bars but they come in different flavors and have chia seeds. They are all really good. 

These CLIF bars are their take on larabars and they are good. I think I like them a little more than larabars to be honest. 

I found these sausages at HEB in Houston. They sell Bilinski in Marshall at Kroger, but they only have two kinds and only one is whole30 approved. It's the chicken spinach. I already had the Italian with red peppers and it was really good. I am excited to try the mushroom. 

I have seen this on Instagram several times but they had it HEB when we went so I grabbed a bag to try. (the company is based in San Antonio so it makes sense) HOLY MOLY it is awesome. I have sprinkled it into my blueberry eggs and had it with unsweet almond milk like cereal. The banana nut is really good and they have an espresso flavor which is AWESOME. 

One of my made up yummy meals was blueberry apple pork 

Cook down ground pork with sage, fennel, a touch of apple pie spice, salt, pepper, and cayenne. 
Add in chopped onions, apples, and blueberries and cook until the fruit is tender. 

Serve it with eggs for an AMAZING breakfast. This would also be really good inside a sweet potato for lunch/dinner. 

I love Handsome brook eggs. If you haven't tried them you should. You can get them in Marshall at Kroger and sometimes they are on manager special and that's currently the only time I buy them now since they are pretty pricey. As many eggs as I eat it is not a good idea to spend $6 a dozen. 

Jicama tortillas with chorizo, lettuce, avocado, and a side of watermelon 

Buffalo chicken (shredded chicken with mayo and franks buffalo sauce) served with celery, watermelon, and avocado 

My favorite egg roll bowl. 1 pound of meat (i usually use pork) with 1 bag of coleslaw mix. I season mine with sesame oil, coconut aminos, fish sauce, ginger, and mustard. 

Sweet potato toast with spinach eggs 

spinach salad with avocado and strawberries and mustard balsamic dressing. Usually I put the chicken on the salad but this night I ate the chicken breast on the side. 

This was more apple blueberry pork, I topped it with unsweetened compliant apple butter and a fried egg and had a plum on the side 


I sauté my zoodles in a little olive oil then top it with compliant beef marinara 

Cut up sweet potatoes and green apples, toss in coconut oil and season with cinnamon and a little salt then roast at 425 for about 20-30 minutes. This is the best breakfast hash. With spinach, eggs, and bacon it was AMAZING

Wild turkey breast with bacon green beans and sautéed brussel sprouts with pecans and raisins 

Spinach and plantain scramble with a plum 

Jalapeno bacon eggs with salsa, avocado, and pineapple  

Sweet potato filled with sloppy joe. Whole30 sloppy joe is ground pork with diced onion and bell pepper and the sauce is compliant ketchup and coconut aminos. 

I probably could eat these every day. Blueberry eggs are LIFE. 
1 banana mashed really well, dash of cinnamon, and three eggs scrambled together well and cooked in a skillet with ghee or coconut oil. Toss in any fruit or nut you want but I love blueberries. 

Whole30 taco bowl-  seasoned beef with onion, lettuce, guacamole, black olives, and plantain chips

Spinach eggs and strawberries 

Sardines are an easy fast protein for lunch. I love them. I ate them with olives, watermelon, and avocado oil potato chips. I won't get potato chips again during this whole30. While avocado oil or coconut oil cooked chips are compliant they are a trigger for me and I eat them without control. If you every feel like you can't control your eating with a certain compliant food - avoid it!

Breakfast tacos whole30 style! Chorizo eggs and avocado on jicama tortillas with a side of pineapple

This was an amazing breakfast! I want to eat it right now. Spinach eggs with habanero hot sauce YUM! And Wildway no grain granola with unsweetened almond milk and fresh blueberries. 

Grilled chicken thighs with baked sweet potato and green beans. 

Rosemary, mustard, balsamic pork chops with cabbage and cauliflower mash 

Wildway cereal again over sliced banana with plain farm fresh eggs. 

Spinach eggs with avocado and salsa and strawberries 

Spinach eggs are so good. I think it's important to try to eat green veggies at every meal. Spinach is my go to breakfast veggie. LOVE it. 

Served these spinach eggs with half a nectarine and compliant bacon 

Broccoli slaw with tuna, raisins, and mustard, curry powder, and tessemaes balsamic dressing with two boiled eggs and a cashew clif bar

With Whole30 and running I have lost 8 pounds since our return from Pennsylvania and I am officially at 130 pounds down. Whole30 truly can change your life. If you haven't tried it I hope all this delicious food inspired you to. 
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  1. This totally inspired me! Thanks for sharing, I have done 2 my challenge is just making it my lifestyle!