Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Solid Heart, Strong Body

It's been a whole month since my last blog entry. I have been traveling and focusing on my running so I haven't taken the time to sit down and write. This morning Emma is still asleep with her daddy so I woke up early and I am having coffee alone on the couch and watching Penny Dreadful. HALLELUJAH 

For the month of July I made some really great progress with my running. I met every goal I set. 

Ran my fastest mile - 8:20
Ran my fastest 5k Road Race - 31:10
Ran my farthest distance - 7 miles 
Ran the most cumulative miles for the month - 70 miles 

So my goals for August are to run at least 75 miles total, run my fastest race, and run my fastest mile which I already accomplished on August 1st - 8:15 WOOT! I have one regular 5k this month and a 5k mud run with obstacles. I am really excited to see how much better I can do just since the Warrior Dash in March. 

In July we went to Pennsylvania and while I did get in runs while I was there I also went off Whole30/Paleo. 

I didn't eat non compliant for every meal the entire week but I did enjoy an awesome brunch, some ice cream, some biscuits at dinner one night, and homemade apple crisp. 

It was all really good but I knew as soon as we got home that I was ready to go back on strict Whole30. It's crazy how much different you feel eating this way and to imagine that I used to eat WORSE than this because I ate like this for every meal, all day, everyday! I don't know how I functioned. So I decided to eat fully compliant until Thanksgiving week- after my 15k. 

Coincidently yesterday marks the day I officially hit 130 pounds lost!!! My big initial goal was to lose 140 pounds. I am only 10 pounds from that. TEN LITTLE POUNDS. I am so excited to see the changes my body is making. I am getting strong and healthy and I am able to do things I never thought possible.  


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