Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Whole30 budget and baby!

Starting in August Emma will be going to pre-school and with that tuition coming we have decided we really need to set a budget for ourselves. We have canceled our satellite tv and plan to just go with Netflix streaming, we are trying to lower our phone bill by possibly switching carriers, and we have set a strict food budget.

I don't ever think twice about going to Drug Emporium and getting specialty products just because I want to. I typically plan our meals around what sounds good to me, not what is most affordable. I don't really pay attention to the amount I spend on food but when we set a budget I was curious to see how much I was spending. It was A TON!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I have decided we can get by with $400 a month on groceries.

One of the things that will save us is that my husband is a hunter. We have a lot of meat stocked up in our freezer so I can easily make our meals around what meat we already have on hand and only purchase produce to go with it.

Aside from a budget I am also trying to get Emma to eat Paleo/Whole30 with me. I want her to eat real food more than the processed convenience food we tend to give her. I want her eating less sugar, dairy, and grains and I have the freedom of summer to prep and make sure she is eating as well as I am. I started focusing on what I was eating partially because I didn't want her to eat what I was eating because it wasn't healthy. I now tend to eat my own food and give her macaroni and fruit snacks.

So this summers focus is going to be keeping whole30 on a budget and getting Emmas diet as nutritious as possible.

JUNE- Week 1

My menu

T: Banana and hardboiled egg
W: Duck fat eggs
Th: Paleo Coconut Cereal
F: Banana Eggs

T: Epic bar and carrots 
W: Chicken and slaw
Th: Eggroll bowl
F: Eggroll bowl

T: Pork and Sauerkraut with roasted potatoes
W: Burgers with jalapeƱo poppers 
Th: Pork and Sauerkraut with roasted potatoes 

F: Acorn squash with pizza sauce 

Emmas menu

W: Scrambled eggs and raspberries
Th: Larabar and apple sauce/veggie pouch
F: Sweet potato and scrambled eggs

W: chips and applegate lunch meat with a homemade go-gurt
Th: Almond butter apple and raspberries 
F: chips and applegate lunch meat with a homemade go-gurt
S: chocolate smoothie and almond butter apple


So in planning for this week I already had the pork chops, burger patties, and ground beef in our freezer. They were on sale a few weeks ago at Kroger and I already purchased them. My plan is when I see a REALLY good price on meat to buy it and store it in the freezer. We have a stock pile of fish, ground pork, antelope, wild turkey, and venison that I have planned to put into our menu so we don't have to buy as much meat.

Grocery purchase WEEK 1 - $48.10 

1 dozen eggs 
Frozen strawberries 
Frozen blueberries 
1 pint raspberries 
Applegate farms ham 
Can of muir glen organic pizza sauce 
Bag of fresh spinach 
2 apple sauce pouches
3 larabars 
Can of coconut milk 
Calafia Farms Unsweet almond milk 
Boulder avocado oil cooked potato chips 
1  Avocado 
1 pound of strawberries 
3 jalapeƱos 
2 granny smith apples 
1 large sweet potato
1 pound of carrots 
1 acorn squash 

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