Friday, June 10, 2016

Running Buddies are the BEST Buddies!

So I want to start out by telling you my friend Sarah is the bomb. She has helped push me so much towards my running goals. I know I have bragged on her before, but our current running buddy situation has made me kick some serious running booty this month - and it's only June 10th!

In April we decided we would start tracking our miles and try to collectively get to a specific total. Every time we run we text each other and share how far and how fast we ran. Sarah tracks all of this for us and we make sure we get to our planned total by the end of the month.

April we started out small with 30 miles combined, so I did a total of 15 miles that month.
May we bumped it up to 40 miles combined, so I did a total of 22 miles that month.

For JUNE we added a third member, Sarah' s sister Anna, to our mileage club and decided to shoot for a combined total of 75 miles. I gave myself a personal goal of running 5 miles straight this month - WHICH I already accomplished on Monday! WHAT WHAT. (In under an hour too)

Then because I am insane and saw something on Instagram about a summer run streak, I mentioned the idea and Sarah said "Let's do it..." so I said "SURE!" WHY? I have no idea.

So today is day ten of our run streak. The goal is to run at least one mile everyday for the month of June. I have run 17 miles so far this month and today I hit a PR on my time. I did a 9:08 mile!!!! It wasn't that hard either so I am certain in the next week or so I can get in an under 9 minute mile. YALL this is huge for me!!!! I am getting faster. My big goal is to get in a sub 30 minute 5k and of course eventually do a half marathon. WHO AM I?

I don't know where this runner came from, but I love her! Tomorrow I am running with Danielle. I somehow convinced her to join me on this crazy running for fun deal and we are going to the WICKED WINE RUN! Woot woot.

So this is a regular 5k tomorrow at sunset through the vineyard, followed by a 1 mile wine tasting fun run. YAAAASSSS 

There will be food and wine post race and I am beyond excited. This is not Whole30 but hey, real life means I get to treat myself and enjoy running and wine with my bestie. 

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