Friday, June 24, 2016

Low Carb Paleo?

I've tried a low carb diet before. It was during college and I ate a lot of bacon, eggs, pork rinds, and cheese. Needless to say it sucked BIG TIME. I had some serious mood swings and felt like crap - because I was eating crap. Every since that experience I have pushed off the idea of low carb dieting.

THEN I hit a plateau. I mean HARD. In the past five weeks I hadn't lost a single pound. I was really irritated and needed to figure out what I could do within the realm of paleo/whole30 that would get me past my plateau. In the book It Starts With Food, they talk about limiting your intake of fruit and potatoes if weight loss is a key goal. So I decided for one week I would avoid all fruit and potatoes and see what happened. So far I have pushed through my plateau but a whopping 4 pounds and I am now only 15 pounds away from my initial goal of being half my size. FIFTEEN POUNDS. That is completely doable and now that I have realized that I should limit my sweet potatoes, bananas, plantains, and pineapple... GURRRR - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This week I have been researching low carb paleo lifestyles a lot and I came across the word ketosis. Some of you may have heard of the Keto diet which relies heavily on fat consumption and limits carbs and protein. You can eat berries, dairy, meat/seafood/eggs, nuts and seeds, and non starchy veggies.

My diet this week was basically Paleo Keto, but I honestly miss fruit. I did some research on carb counts of fruit and berries are actually one of your best low carb low sugar fruit options so I will most likely be hitting up some berries real soon. Plantains have like 8 BILLION carbs, so I will need to dial those back to special treat meals. I am not cutting out fruit and potatoes from my diet AT ALL I know I can't be low carb like this forever. This week long experiment showed me how my body reacts to low carbs and so I may do carb cycling where I eat a sweet potato then go several days super low carb. I love whole30 and I will keep eating my carbs, Ill just try to be more conscious of them.

What my week looked like:

Hamburger Salad - THIS WAS AWESOME 
It's iceberg lettuce topped with ground beef, onions, pickles, mayo, ketchup, and mustard

For my birthday we bought GIANT bone in ribeyes and the hubby grilled them 


I made cauliflower mash and roasted broccoli to go with 

Fajita chicken - lots of peppers and onions with chicken breast and olive oil seasoned with salt, cumin, and chili pepper and baked. 

kale salad with creamy avocado dressing (mayo and avocado with a bit of vinegar), pickled okra, and a hard boiled egg 

Leftover ribeye with spinach and onions and fried eggs 


I made this sauce with eggplant, bell pepper, tomatoes, and ground pork 

Chorizo spinach eggs with avocado 

Leftover cauliflower mash topped with my fajita chicken bake and avocado 

Green beans with pecan crusted speckled trout 

Sautéed brussel sprouts with bacon 

tuna and kale salad with tessemaes caesar dressing, hard boiled eggs, and pickled okra 

This is all Whole30 - the same stuff I have been eating just without the added carbs. I am going to leave carbs out for another week and then splurge on some fruit y'all! Ice cold watermelon for fourth of July MMMMM 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week three on our budget!

This weeks grocery haul rang in at $78.77 

This is all the Whole30 approved foods I got 

And these are the treats the other two members of my household picked out! 

This weeks menu plan

B: Spinach eggs 
L: Leftovers  (I have leftover BBQ from lunch yesterday) 
D: Los Pinos Winery Run - they have food trucks etc. 

B: Blueberry Pork Hash 
L: Tuna Salad 
D: Smoked Chicken and Kale Apple Salad *SMORES AND SWIMMING 

B: Smoothie 
L: Sausage, turnips, collard greens 
D: Asian Pork Lettuce cups 

B: Eggs 
L: Chicken and plantains 
D: Wild turkey with apples and cranberries and brussels 

B: Blueberry Eggs 
L: Sausage, turnips, collard greens 
D: Asian Pork Lettuce cups 

B: Smoothie 
L: Chicken and plantains 
D: Wild turkey with apples and cranberries and brussels 

B: Eggs 
L: Sausage, turnips, collard greens 
D: Driving to Justin for birthday/fathers day weekend with family 

And here is what we ate this past week 

Spinach and salmon eggs with avocado 

Aaron squash with marinara sauce and garlic olives

Breakfast tacos on my site tortillas I scored in Shreveport before my last 5k 

Kale broccoli salad with tuna and pineapple 

Baked speckled trout and broccoli 

Blueberry eggs 

Dove poppers 

Slit the breast away from the bone

Stuff slices of jalapeño and onion in the slits 

wrap in bacon 

Bake in the oven at 350 covered in foil for 45 minutes then remove the foil and put on broil until the bacon is crispy. 

I served it with leftover kale broccoli salad that had apples, raisins, and mustard balsamic dressing 


I prepped buffalo chicken casserole for lunches this week 

Spicy Luau Meatballs 

Ground pork 
Unsweetened coconut flake 
Chopped/crushed pineapple 
Coconut Flour 
Chili powder 

As usual I didn't measure I just mixed it up 

Formed it into balls and baked it 

We baked up some plantains in a little coconut oil and some salt 

Then I had extra chopped jalapeño, onion, and pineapple that didn't go into the meatballs so I mixed it into our avocado to go with the meatballs. 

This meal was AWESOME!!!!

Eggplant chicken curry and pineapple 

Sardines and carrot salad - love this stuff! Just shredded carrot, pineapple, raisins, nuts, and mayo 

Shepherds pie and purple cabbage! 

I have an eggplant and some bell pepper left over from week two so I figure I will roast them up and then freeze them to thaw for a later meal. I was budgeting about $100 a week but I realized we have 5 weeks in June so I hope we make it. We may be eating toast for every meal on week 5 haha.  

Friday, June 10, 2016

Running Buddies are the BEST Buddies!

So I want to start out by telling you my friend Sarah is the bomb. She has helped push me so much towards my running goals. I know I have bragged on her before, but our current running buddy situation has made me kick some serious running booty this month - and it's only June 10th!

In April we decided we would start tracking our miles and try to collectively get to a specific total. Every time we run we text each other and share how far and how fast we ran. Sarah tracks all of this for us and we make sure we get to our planned total by the end of the month.

April we started out small with 30 miles combined, so I did a total of 15 miles that month.
May we bumped it up to 40 miles combined, so I did a total of 22 miles that month.

For JUNE we added a third member, Sarah' s sister Anna, to our mileage club and decided to shoot for a combined total of 75 miles. I gave myself a personal goal of running 5 miles straight this month - WHICH I already accomplished on Monday! WHAT WHAT. (In under an hour too)

Then because I am insane and saw something on Instagram about a summer run streak, I mentioned the idea and Sarah said "Let's do it..." so I said "SURE!" WHY? I have no idea.

So today is day ten of our run streak. The goal is to run at least one mile everyday for the month of June. I have run 17 miles so far this month and today I hit a PR on my time. I did a 9:08 mile!!!! It wasn't that hard either so I am certain in the next week or so I can get in an under 9 minute mile. YALL this is huge for me!!!! I am getting faster. My big goal is to get in a sub 30 minute 5k and of course eventually do a half marathon. WHO AM I?

I don't know where this runner came from, but I love her! Tomorrow I am running with Danielle. I somehow convinced her to join me on this crazy running for fun deal and we are going to the WICKED WINE RUN! Woot woot.

So this is a regular 5k tomorrow at sunset through the vineyard, followed by a 1 mile wine tasting fun run. YAAAASSSS 

There will be food and wine post race and I am beyond excited. This is not Whole30 but hey, real life means I get to treat myself and enjoy running and wine with my bestie.