Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chill, Homie

I have a problem...

I need to chill.

Remember when I hit my 100 pound mark last week? Yeah apparently I don't. I am past that moment and ready for more. I AM SO IMPATIENT. I weigh everyday - sometimes twice a day. I have an obsession with the scale. I read an article that said that people who weigh daily lose more weight. I bet there is an article that says people who weigh daily have an unhealthy obsession.

I need to chill.

I don't let my weight affect what I do. I still eat Whole30 and I still work out 5-6 days a week. I have a routine and my habits are formed. I know that everything I am doing is good. If I don't lose weight I don't spiral out of control and quit. BUT ...

I need to chill.

Can we lose weight without a scale? YES
Should I try to get rid of my scale? Maybe??????
I don't let it change what I do, but it does make me feel bad about my efforts when I don't see results.
Nobody loses weight everyday. I am not going to lose a pound every morning I wake up. I may sometimes even fluctuate UP. My success isn't measured by just the number on the scale.

So I looked through the Whole30 Non-Scale Victory sheet. 

HERE are my non scale achievements 

  1. Improvement in rashes or patches (my psoriasis doesn't flair up as often) 
  2. Longer, stronger, mails 
  3. Stronger, thicker hair 
  4. Flatter stomach 
  5. Leaner appearance 
  6. Clothes fit better 
  7. Wedding ring fitting better (actually my rings are too big) 
  8. Less bloating 
  9. More defined muscle tone 
  10. Feeling more confident in your appearance 
  11. Less stiff joints 
  12. Less stomach pain 
  13. Less bloating 
  14. You don't get sick as often 
  15. Less acid reflux 
  16. Less chronic pain 
  17. Less chronic fatigue 
  18. Less back/knee pain 
  19. You're happier 
  20. You're less anxious 
  21. You're less stressed 
  22. Less depression (yes I did have mild depression symptoms a few years ago) 
  23. Fewer sugar cravings 
  24. Improved body image 
  25. Improved self-esteem 
  26. Improved self-confidence 
  27. Feeling in control of food 
  28. Healthier relationship with food 
  29. No more binging 
  30. Practicing mindful eating 
  31. Learned how to read labels 
  32. Eats to satiety 
  33. Listen to your body 
  34. Abandoned yo yo dieting 
  35. No longer afraid of dietary fat 
  36. No longer use food for comfort, reward, punishment, love 
  37. No longer a slave to sugar 
  38. Fewer cravings 
  39. More nutrition in your diet 
  40. No more food guilt or shame 
  41. You feel generally more productive 
  42. You awaken feeling refreshed 
  43. Energy levels higher 
  44. More energy in the morning 
  45. No more mid-day energy slump 
  46. More energy to play with your kids 
  47. More energy to exercise 
  48. More energy at work or school 
  49. You no longer need to eat every two hours 
  50. You feel energetic between meals 
  51. You need less sugar 
  52. You are more consistent with exercise 
  53. You can exercise longer, harder, or faster 
  54. You feel more athletic 
  55. You can lift heavier things 
  56. You hit new personal bests 
  57. You're trying new activities 
  58. You play more with your kids 
  59. Your balance is better 
  60. You're outside more 
  61. New healthy habits to teach your kids 
  62. More knowledgeable about nutrition 
  63. Meal prep is organized and efficient 
  64. Made new like minded friends who support your lifestyle 
  65. You've joined a new community 
  66. People ask you what you're doing differently 
  67. People come to you for health, food, and lifestyle advice 
  68. You are Whole30! 

SIXTY-EIGHT amazing benefits of what I am doing. 


I am amazing and I am succeeding. The scale won't always change and that's going to be ok because eventually it will go down again. It always does. 

Don't be a scale slave. 

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