Sunday, January 31, 2016

One Pound.

One little tiny pound. That is all I have left until I hit 100 pounds lost!

I remember getting to ONEderland, which was my first goal. Then I set my next goal of losing a total of 100 pounds. I think I will get that pound off in the next few days so I have already set my next goal.

My next goal - lose half of my size. That means another 40 pounds.

In another 40 pounds I will be in the healthy weight range for my height.

I looked up my BMI from when I was at my heaviest and I was Super Obese... WHAT? I actually had no idea the category super obese existed. That is fatter than morbidly obese..... and NOT super.

I have now gotten my BMI from 52 to 32!

That means I am in the Obese category BUT look how far I have come. I am not Super, Morbidly, or Severely Obese.  I weigh the least I have weighed in probably 18 years or so. SO that is phenomenal to me. I am so addicted to this process and to Whole30 and becoming strong that I know nothing will stop me. I will see 140 and have an ideal BMI.

Yesterday I returned some size 14s I got at Old Navy that were too big. I grabbed size 12s and couldn't believe it. They fit great! One cut was even big in a 12 so I tried the 10 and it fit. SERIOUSLY? Now I know Old Navy runs SLIGHTLY big, but still I bought at size 10 y'all.
For me this is absolutely HUGE. I am so freaking proud. When you start feeling proud and motivated and the people around you see the hard work and dedication it continues to push you.

I bought this shirt yesterday to help me get to my next goal.

My new motto! 

So I have ONE pound left and ONE month left since I started this journey. 

Here is my current photo comparison. 

This got me thinking I wonder what I look like in my before clothes!!! 

The pants don't even stay on my hips anymore. If I wiggle they fall off. SO CRAZY!!! 

I seriously credit my success to Whole30. It has completely changed my life. It is an easy lifestyle change that clicked with me. I don't think it's hard to eat this way for the rest of my life. I don't find myself feeling deprived. I have the energy to workout everyday without ever being hungry or feeling like I am being denied anything. I SWEAR TO YOU if you have not tried Whole30  and you want to get fit - this program will get you there. Eat clean and whole and get your body moving. If you don't give up in a few months but give it TIME you will see the reward. 

I am succeeding but I haven't finished the story of my success! I am going to keep persisting. 

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  1. Congratulations! What an amazing success story!

  2. Wow, Girl. Absolutely the most inspiring blog I've seen. You. Look. Awesome!