Monday, January 18, 2016

Buffalo Chicken Casserole

If you are into Paleo/Whole30 eating you have most probably heard of PaleOMG.

If you haven't heard of Juli Bauer, and seen her delicious food then GO LOOK HERE.

She not only makes amazing paleo food but she is also into fitness and fashion so I have a small obsession with her lately.

Her recent recipe for Buffalo Chicken Casserole is BLOWING up.
It is obviously paleo, but also totally Whole30 approved.


If you know anything about my cooking style yet I do not follow recipes. I got the idea of her casserole and made it my own and didn't measure anything because that's not how I roll.

I decided to use shredded chicken instead of ground chicken. I put three chicken breasts in the crock pot on high with some bone broth and seasonings for three hours then shredded it.

I sautéed jalapeños instead of the bell pepper her recipe called for.

Once the veggies were tender I added them to the crock pot of shredded chicken. 

Then I mixed in the mayo and buffalo sauce. 

I tasted it and it wasn't very spicy so I added cayenne to mine too. Then I shredded up the spaghetti squash and added it in. 

As I was doing this is looked so much like chicken spaghetti that I decided my next task will be to create chicken spaghetti since basically that's what this casserole does but with the addition of buffalo sauce. I mixed it all up added in the three beaten eggs and put it in a baking dish. 

I think mine was a little more liquid than it should be because of the way I cooked my chicken. You could avoid that by shredding like rotisserie chicken or using the ground meat like her recipe calls for. It didn't affect it though. It baked up fine. YUMMMM 

Once it was all baked and yummy I divided it into tupperware for my lunch this week. I think this would be REALLY good with some extra celery and tessemaes ranch. 

Her paleo casserole ideas are just so amazing! Here are a few that I am going to try soon. 

Her recipe for pizza pie, which is similar but uses sausage and marinara. 

Her recipe for green chile chorizo casserole. UHHHH yes you read that right. MMMMM

Her recipe for Tex-Mex Hash.  

Seriously follow her on Instagram ( @paleomg) and read her blog! You will not be sorry. 

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