Sunday, January 31, 2016

One Pound.

One little tiny pound. That is all I have left until I hit 100 pounds lost!

I remember getting to ONEderland, which was my first goal. Then I set my next goal of losing a total of 100 pounds. I think I will get that pound off in the next few days so I have already set my next goal.

My next goal - lose half of my size. That means another 40 pounds.

In another 40 pounds I will be in the healthy weight range for my height.

I looked up my BMI from when I was at my heaviest and I was Super Obese... WHAT? I actually had no idea the category super obese existed. That is fatter than morbidly obese..... and NOT super.

I have now gotten my BMI from 52 to 32!

That means I am in the Obese category BUT look how far I have come. I am not Super, Morbidly, or Severely Obese.  I weigh the least I have weighed in probably 18 years or so. SO that is phenomenal to me. I am so addicted to this process and to Whole30 and becoming strong that I know nothing will stop me. I will see 140 and have an ideal BMI.

Yesterday I returned some size 14s I got at Old Navy that were too big. I grabbed size 12s and couldn't believe it. They fit great! One cut was even big in a 12 so I tried the 10 and it fit. SERIOUSLY? Now I know Old Navy runs SLIGHTLY big, but still I bought at size 10 y'all.
For me this is absolutely HUGE. I am so freaking proud. When you start feeling proud and motivated and the people around you see the hard work and dedication it continues to push you.

I bought this shirt yesterday to help me get to my next goal.

My new motto! 

So I have ONE pound left and ONE month left since I started this journey. 

Here is my current photo comparison. 

This got me thinking I wonder what I look like in my before clothes!!! 

The pants don't even stay on my hips anymore. If I wiggle they fall off. SO CRAZY!!! 

I seriously credit my success to Whole30. It has completely changed my life. It is an easy lifestyle change that clicked with me. I don't think it's hard to eat this way for the rest of my life. I don't find myself feeling deprived. I have the energy to workout everyday without ever being hungry or feeling like I am being denied anything. I SWEAR TO YOU if you have not tried Whole30  and you want to get fit - this program will get you there. Eat clean and whole and get your body moving. If you don't give up in a few months but give it TIME you will see the reward. 

I am succeeding but I haven't finished the story of my success! I am going to keep persisting. 

Whole30 meal inspirations

Sunday, January 24, 2016

You aren't doing enough...

Tomorrow is day 60 of my Whole90 days! I have a month left until my one year fit journey start! WEEEEEE

I have been complaining for a few weeks that my weight WILL NOT BUDGE.

I tried not to get discouraged by it because I could SEE differences in my body.

I also was still at the lowest weight I have ever been and I wasn't gaining weight at least, BUT, I couldn't lose anything. When you're eating great and running an almost 10 minutes mile and you don't get to lose a freaking POUND for a whole month it can be like WTF!???!?

On Wednesday I decided to look up what to do in a plateau. 
Some ideas: 
1. Eat more for a few days so I up my calories and then can "shock" my body back into eating less. Something about increasing Leptin. 
2. Be conscious of carbs. Either increase or decrease depending on my diet. 
3. Push WAY harder at the gym.

I workout a lot. In the beginning it was HARD and now my workout is pretty "easy".  So I decided to PUSH so it's really hard and see what happens. I did the DEVIL stair master for 30 minutes.
I made myself sweaty, out of breath, red, and dying - how I felt almost a year ago trying to jog. 

My body has gotten used to what I am doing and it doesn't have to work as hard anymore so I need to switch it up and make things harder. 
AND low and behold I am finally down three more pounds!!!! After a month of nothing I am THRILLED. Im hoping that it will come off easier now that I know what my body is going to respond to.  I am now at 97 pounds - only three freaking pounds from 100. WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? 

Today I ran two miles in 24 minutes. 12 minute miles are not bad at all! I am super proud of how far I have come as a runner. To run on the treadmill for 24 minutes straight and not be dead? When I started that seemed impossible. For anyone just now starting their fit journey - I promise you the impossible now will be possible if you keep trying. DON'T GIVE UP.

Now for my Whole30 inspirations from this past week 


My go to Egg Roll Bowl! 

Eggs scrambled in ghee and a banana with almond butter and cacao nibs 

That is what the salad mix was called on the bag! 
It is carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprout, and cabbage salad and I added raisins, pecans, chicken breast, and tessemaes pepper dressing 

Rainbow salad with a  hot dog and plantain chips with guacamole 

Baked jalapeño, onion, sausage, and potato over eggs 

Roasted potato and green beans and baked tilapia with mustard pecan crust 


Beef and veggies cooked in a crock pot with coconut aminos, tessemaes ketchup, sesame oil, ginger, chinese 5 spice, and coconut milk. 

Sweet potato mash topped with sausage and spinach 

Whole30 emergency staples

The buffalo chicken casserole I blogged about last ... SERIOUSLY I wanted to make it again for this week but instead I made a different squash casserole. 

I made the pizza pie 


I portioned it out in tupperware with a little extra pizza sauce on top. 

I also roasted brussels, chicken, and sweet potato. 

Last meal I want to share that was SO GOOD. 

Green chili pork in the crock pot. 
I put a huge pork shoulder on top of onion, jalapeño, green chili, and salsa verde and a splash of bone broth. 

I made tostones and sliced avocado and pineapple to go with it.

I used the recipe HERE for tostones. SO YUMMY 
My plantain was a little black though so I think it was sweeter. I loved it. 

It was SOOOOO amazing. I could eat it everyday.