Saturday, November 21, 2015

The paleo jogger!

I completed my 60 days on Whole30 Thursday! I am now strictly eating Whole30/Paleo compliant until January then I am starting round 3.

Today I decided to treat myself after that 60 day period I decided I deserved chocolate!

This is a Hail Merry Chocolate Miracle Tart and HOLY COW was it awesome! 

Made with just 5 ingredients:  organic maple syrup, dark cocoa, almond flour, organic extra virgin coconut oil, sea salt.

I only ate half of it and saved the other half for later. SO YUMMY 

The rest of my day was a typical whole30 day. 

Breakfast was leftover cabbage, potatoes, and sausage with scrambled eggs 

Lunch was leftover cauliflower spanish rice topped with chipotle beef and avocado

Dinner was chili with onions and avocado 

While I was shopping at Drug Emporium I also got some honey, maple syrup, and almond flour for my Paleo baking creations this week, as well as more ghee, coconut oil, and some coconut aminos garlic sauce, as well as some veggies. 

I had a 5k this morning and I decided to make a paleo pumpkin coffee cake for after the race. 

It was so easy to make and it was really yummy. I couldn't eat much being that I have been off treats for 60 days and hadn't had any sweets other than fruit. This has coconut sugar and maple syrup so it was sweet for me, plus the texture of cake was also filling. 

The 5k was SO much fun. I was nervous about it because I hadn't done a 5k since March and I have been working hard at the gym and wanted to set higher goals for myself. 

My goals were to finish in under 45 minutes and to jog the first full mile. 

GUYS I jogged the WHOLE THING. I LITERALLY DID NOT WALK ONCE. I may have slow jogged like a grandma but I didn't stop jogging the whole time and I finished in 40:08! 

I have another 5k in two weeks and my goal for that one is to finish in under 40 minutes. 

Pre race I had a banana and some almond butter so I had protein and wasn't starving halfway through but also wasn't full and bloated with too much pre race food. 

Post race I came home and had leftover chili stuffed inside a baked delicata squash that I lightly seasoned with pumpkin pie spice. 


For tonight I put pumpkin kale curry with beef in the crock pot.

Beef Stew Meat 
2 cans of coconut milk 
1 jar of red curry paste 
1 can of pumpkin puree 
4 cups of chopped kale 
1 diced onion 
1 small carton of organic veggie broth (you could use a beef/bone broth but this was the only paleo broth I could find at my grocery) 

(the next ingredients I added to taste) 
coconut aminos garlic sauce 
chili paste 

Put everything in your crock pot on low for 6-8 hours 

This coconut aminos garlic sauce is SOOOO GOOD! Even if you aren't whole30/paleo I highly recommend it. Its a better option because it's low sodium and sugar free. You can find product info here. 

So I am a paleo jogger now! WHO KNEW? I feel great and I am so happy that I made this lifestyle change. 

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