Monday, November 30, 2015


Thanksgiving was so much fun! We had such a great time hanging out with family and exploring Caddo Lake with Emma. 

When we got there Wednesday night my Aunt made chili so I had chili with avocado! YUMMY 

 Thursday morning my Aunt made fresh fruit, bacon, and got special crustless dairy free quiche for me!

Thursday for Thanksgiving lunch everything I had was totally Whole30 compliant. 

I made roasted brussel sprouts with cranberries, squash and zucchini with sauteed onions, roasted pumpkin spice sweet potatoes, and broccoli and carrot salad with delicious baked turkey!

It was so good I didn't even miss the dressing or rolls. I did make a paleo pecan pie and it was SOOO good but so dangerous. The paleo pecan pie made me realize I can't do paleo treats because I ate too much of it. Even natural sugar is gonna be my downfall - paleo isn't calorie free and it definitely made my tummy sad. 
Friday I ate whole30 compliant but I had about 5 glasses of champagne! OOPS 

So on Saturday I officially started ROUND 3! I am now back on 100% Whole30 

ROUND3 Day 1 

Banana with almond butter and scrambled eggs with salsa 

For lunch I made a taco salad bar! YUMMY 

Later I was a little snacky so I had more almond butter with an apple 

For dinner I had salad with balsamic and dijon and spaghetti squash with venison pasta sauce 

ROUND3 Day 2 

Breakfast was leftover taco meat from my salad with fresh onion and jalapeno and salsa in scrambled eggs

For lunch I had leftover turkey, squash, and sweet potatoes 

For Dinner I made an AMAZING lamb shepherds pie 

1 lb. ground lamb
1 chopped onion 
3 chopped carrots 
1 TBS crushed garlic 
Rosemary (to taste) 
Tomato paste (small 6 oz can) 
Vegetable Broth 
New Potatoes 

Put new potatoes on to boil 

Sautee the lamb and veggies, add garlic and rosemary and salt and pepper 
Add in full can of tomato paste and enough broth to make it like a sloppy joe consistency 

Put in a pie pan  

Mash potatoes with ghee, garlic, and rosemary, and salt and pepper then put on top of the lamb mixture and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. 


After a sixty day period on Whole30 I have realized my body feels better and I feel better about myself when I am eating whole. I bought this shirt as a reminder that I am whole30! 

Whole30 GODDESS MELISSA HARTWIG: "I don't want you to do the Whole30, or start eating healthier. I want you to BE whole30, to BE a healthy eater. The stronger you can self-identify in this way, the more likely you are to hold ot your new desired behaviors. Bonus tip: the sooner you can prove to yourself that this is really part of who you are, the better, so give yourself opportunities to have small wins. Go out to eat and BE whole30. Be faced with tempation at the office and BE whole30. This sends a FAR stronger message from you to you, and you may be surprised at the power of this daily affirmation. 
So the next time you're trying to create a new habit or behavior, remember
1. Build this into your identity 
2. Give yourself opportunities to prove that this is in fact, who you are 
Try this with me for one weekm tell yourself, I AM WHOLE30, and then tell me did it strenthen your commitment to a healthier way of life?" 

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