Sunday, October 4, 2015

Halfway point!

I have actually already completed fifteen days! I am halfway through my second round!!!! 

Day 11 Breakfast: Aidells chicken sausage and scrambled eggs 

Day 11 lunch: Tuna made with primal kitchens mayo, onions, and pickles with celery and a kombucha

Day 11 dinner: Hamburgers topped with coleslaw dressed in balsamic, coconut aminos, and mustard with an avocado half and banana chips

Day 12 breakfast: A banana and a RX bar pumpkin spice 

Day 12 lunch: Chipotle ground turkey, guacamole, and banana chips, plus some almonds

Not really supposed to snack on Whole30 but I found these epic bars and had one on my way home from working out

I also got in my Tessemaes shipment of whole30 approved ranch dressing, ketchup, and bbq sauce

Day 12 dinner: Eggplant, mushroom, and wild hog marinara 

Day 13 breakfast: A Thunderbird energetica Gather bar and a banana. This is a new bar I found that is whole30 compliant and I actually like a bit better than the larabar. Less dates, more seeds and nuts. 

Day 13 lunch: Chicken with primal kitchens mayo, grapes, and pecans with a side of strawberries and cantaloupe and I only drank a bit of the kombucha because it was kind of flat. 

Day 13 dinner: leftover pumpkin curry that I added a little spinach too and a lot of cayenne to make it extra spicy. The cayenne definitely made it! 

Day 14 breakfast: Aidells chicken sausade, spinach, and eggs with a side of cantaloupe 

Day 14 lunch: We were out of town on a day trip so we brought food with us. I packed a la croix, guacamole, banana chips, and cashews, and then we bought a sausage from a vendor. It may not have been whole30 compliant but I decided to go with it. 

Day 14 dinner: Leftover eggplant marinara over a hamburger patty with a  side salad with my new Tessemaes ranch dressing!!!! SO GOOD lots of dill - I loved it. 

Day 15 breakfast: Another spinach and sausage scramble with organic salsa 

Day 15 lunch: Chipotle chili with roasted parsnips, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes 

Day 15 dinner: Roasted fingerling potatoes and brisket with Tessemaes whole30 compliant BBQ sauce 


For anybody who has lost a significant amount of weight you know that sometimes you feel the same. Like you don't look any different. When you see the gradual change daily you don't notice it. So I compared photos from the last two years to today and I was surprised at how different I do look. 


October 2014 


Even my husband looks healthier this year. Since I eat whole30 he really does too most of the time. Eating healthy really pays off! 


And my monthly comparison shoot


In my last post I said I hadn't been pushing myself as hard in cardio because I was really trying to push myself in strength training lately. I used to be a cardio only kind of person but realized weight training was where it's at! BUT I started wanting to do more strength training and less cardio. So today I ran 12 minutes. TWELVE WHOLE MINUTES. It was the first time EVER that I have been able to jog that long. I held a slower pace than usual but I was able to consistently jog for TWELVE WHOLE MINUTES. hahah I was extra proud.  I also did sit ups for the first time with ease. It's fun to see what you're actually capable of after losing 72 pounds. I am now 8 pounds away from my KENDRA SCOTT and my big major goal of 80 pounds.  (60 pounds since March 2013)


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