Monday, August 3, 2015

Progress is Progress No Matter How Small

Im in no way going to quit or give up this time around but I do sometimes get a little down when I don't see progress as quickly as I did in the beginning.

In five whole months I have lost 43 pounds and 63 pounds from my highest weight which I hit in 2012- the whole catalyst for this blog.

When I put the whole journey into perspective it makes me feel really great about what I have done. This past month was full of lots of cheat foods and more breaks than usual between workouts, so I didn't lose but a few pounds and feel the same as I did at the beginning of July. BUT instead of focusing on this month I want to look at the full picture and before and afters are always a great motivation to me to keep pushing forward. 

MARCH 2015

AUGUST 2015 





I mostly have been focusing on the progress I make on the scale as an indication of success. I have discussed it many times here that I need to get away from that one indicator alone but it has been pretty hard. 

Some non scale victories 

1. Doing push ups today. I did 8 but I wouldn't have been able to do 1 in March. 
2. Not fitting in any of my clothes. Both exciting and bad because $$$$ 
3. When clothes shopping no longer being only able to look in the plus section. Now I am in the smallest plus size and can shop in the "regular" department too. 
4. From size 22 to size 16 (and that 14 in Macys in San Antonio) in just 5 months is pretty awesome 
5. I saw gains in my arms and my arms were WEAK. I have been able to increase my weights at the gym and it is a great feeling. 
6. Not being as weak or lazy with everyday tasks. Getting off the couch to turn the fan off. Tying my shoes. Shaving. The basics that thin people just don't realize for overweight people SUCK.
7. Actually enjoying working out and feeling pride and accomplishment when I finish a workout and before I had to force myself to go to the gym and now I can't go more than two days without working out or I feel let down. 

Maybe I am getting stronger and have to start pushing myself a little bit harder- either way I am proud of the progress I have made and I will get to my 80 pound goal for that Kendra necklace!!!!! 

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