Monday, July 27, 2015

Meal prep, size fourteens, and Kendra!

I haven't posted in three weeks! I have been away for choir camp and then this TCDA trip and on both occasions I went off Whole 30. At camp I actually did pretty good staying on track, but one night we got frozen yogurt with candy and the next night we had wine, pasta, bread, and cake. At TCDA I had no plan on being concerned with the health of my food so I definitely had all kinds of non whole30 compliant foods. IT WAS GLORIOUS. I gained two pounds but I definitely enjoyed my food. NOW it's time to get back on my Whole30 grind and eat good. I went to the store after the gym this morning and got chicken breasts and lots of veggies to prep my meals for this week. 

I baked off a big tray of chicken breast with a little avo oil and seasonings. 

Roasted off broccolini 

Sauteed down peppers and onions 

Then portioned it out into my tupperware. 

Cut up baked chicken with peppers and onions 

Chicken with yellow squash and zucchini 

Chicken with mushrooms pecans and broccolini 

For lunch today I had chicken with peppers and onions and half of an avocado sliced. 

If I eat well 90% of the time a few carb and sugar adventures aren't going to hurt me. I know it is unrealistic to think that I will never ever eat certain foods again but if I can balance my routine out to where I only indulge in those things very occasionally then I have something that can be maintained for life and isn't a mere 30 day diet.


I put on a size 14! WHAT WHAT 

I think I lucked out on the brand but still it made me feel like all my work is paying off and was definitely a non scale victory. Thinking about it helped me push at the gym this morning too! I did 1 mile on the treadmill, 1 mile on the elliptical, and 2 miles on the bike! 
I can't wait to officially be a size 14. 

In 20 more pounds I am buying this as my big goal gift 

If buying size 14 isn't enough motivation Kendra Scott surely is!!!  

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