Monday, July 27, 2015

Meal prep, size fourteens, and Kendra!

I haven't posted in three weeks! I have been away for choir camp and then this TCDA trip and on both occasions I went off Whole 30. At camp I actually did pretty good staying on track, but one night we got frozen yogurt with candy and the next night we had wine, pasta, bread, and cake. At TCDA I had no plan on being concerned with the health of my food so I definitely had all kinds of non whole30 compliant foods. IT WAS GLORIOUS. I gained two pounds but I definitely enjoyed my food. NOW it's time to get back on my Whole30 grind and eat good. I went to the store after the gym this morning and got chicken breasts and lots of veggies to prep my meals for this week. 

I baked off a big tray of chicken breast with a little avo oil and seasonings. 

Roasted off broccolini 

Sauteed down peppers and onions 

Then portioned it out into my tupperware. 

Cut up baked chicken with peppers and onions 

Chicken with yellow squash and zucchini 

Chicken with mushrooms pecans and broccolini 

For lunch today I had chicken with peppers and onions and half of an avocado sliced. 

If I eat well 90% of the time a few carb and sugar adventures aren't going to hurt me. I know it is unrealistic to think that I will never ever eat certain foods again but if I can balance my routine out to where I only indulge in those things very occasionally then I have something that can be maintained for life and isn't a mere 30 day diet.


I put on a size 14! WHAT WHAT 

I think I lucked out on the brand but still it made me feel like all my work is paying off and was definitely a non scale victory. Thinking about it helped me push at the gym this morning too! I did 1 mile on the treadmill, 1 mile on the elliptical, and 2 miles on the bike! 
I can't wait to officially be a size 14. 

In 20 more pounds I am buying this as my big goal gift 

If buying size 14 isn't enough motivation Kendra Scott surely is!!!  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Whole30 ON!

I think round two of Whole 30 is way easier than the first round especially since I only took 5 days off. Once you are used to not eating dairy, grains, legumes, or sugar you really don't think about them missing. In the beginning my plate seemed lacking when I didn't have a side of rice or quinoa, but now I am used to it and it makes me get a little more creative with my protein and veggies.

Day 6: 

Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, and fruit 

I found this Pendersons no sugar bacon at Brookshires Fresh and it is so good! 

Lunch: Tuna salad with tuna, muir glen salsa, and paleo kitchen mayo stuffed in half of an avocado and served with cherries and strawberries. 

Emma was even interested! 

Dinner: Sauteed kale with a little curry, cinnamon, and some raisins  

Sauteed down mushrooms and onions in some ghee 

And served it with grilled chicken 

Day 7 

Breakfast: Sausage and peppers with a fried egg 

Dinner: Burger topped with avocado salsa and roasted fingerlings

Day 8 

Breakfast was roasted veggies topped with scrambled eggs and a side of fruit 

Snack of a kombucha and green apple 

Day 9 

Breakfast was an applegate farms sausage, roasted veggies, and scrambled eggs with muir glen organic salsa

Dinner was SO amazing. I generously covered salmon with chipotle powder then some lime zest and lime juice and baked it at 350 for 30 minutes and served with simple steamed broccoli. 

Day 10 

 *EVEN IF YOU AREN'T DOING WHOLE 30 Day 10 breakfast and dinner salad is a must try for EVERYONE


Breakfast was sweet potato sausage and egg sliders 

I roasted sweet potato rounds the day before with cinnamon and chipotle 

Cut one sausage in half and split it horizontally to sear on the inside too. 

Scramble an egg and assemble into a slider. 


I offered to make Dinner for the fourth of July and it was great. 

This salad is EVERYTHING 

3 stalks broccoli chopped 
1 cup shredded carrot 
1 cut up green apple 
1/2 cup raisins 
1/2 cup chopped pecans 
1/2 an onion chopped into small pieces
4 pieces of extra crispy bacon chopped (I used that pendersons) 
1 cup of mayo (I used primal kitchen) 
1 tbs vinegar (I used champagne vinegar) 
curry powder and salt and pepper to taste 

Mix everything but the bacon together and let it sit for a few hours in the dressing to really meld to together and soften the veggies a little. Toss in the bacon before serving. (You could add the bacon at the beginning but it will get soft) 

I also roasted a chicken and some potatoes and made some deviled eggs 


And everyone ate everything and it was so good nobody really realized they were eating Whole30! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015



I have to keep reading this. Anyone who has put forth the effort to lose a substantial amount of weight knows that it can be a mental struggle. In the beginning I lost 5 pounds in one week and now I am lucky if I lose 1 pound. I am in this for the long haul but the scale COULD reward my hard effort. 

OK! So obviously I have made a huge difference in my body over the last four months. 

I started on March 1st and I looked like this 

I was done being uncomfortable and I was not prepared for my daughter to see me unhealthy 
In four months I have lost almost 40 pounds 

And now this was me yesterday on July 1st

So I am 1/3 of the way through my year. I decided I wanted to give myself a full year of commitment. So I am only 1/3 of the way there. I can do this. I don't have a desire to quit I just question why I haven't lost 100 pounds yet hahaha I KNOW it's ridiculous but it can get discouraging. For now I will tell myself all this weight training I am doing is giving me AWESOME muscles and thats why the number on the scale hasn't moved a lot in the last week. 

As you know I am doing Whole30 and part of the process is you're not supposed to weigh. I think I might have an unhealthy addiction to weighing myself. I weight like three times a day to see if anything is happening and it always feels like this 

I have to remember there is a reason they say to stay off the scale. It can be a huge motivation when you log that you have lost another 5 pounds, but it can also mess you up mentally when you don't see a budge in the scale and yet you have been eating super healthy and have gone to the gym seven days in a row. 

So what is the goal? To be healthy. How do I achieve that goal? By doing exactly what I have been doing everyday and not giving up. Some weeks maybe my body will respond differently as far as my weight is concerned but I know what I am doing is getting me there slowly. At some point the number will drop again. I have ups and downs but everyday I am going to make the decision to keep pushing forward. 

And maybe today is my day to hide my scale and stop focusing on that aspect of this journey.