Monday, June 1, 2015

Veggies and Toddlers

My kid could eat her own weight in fruit. She loves melon the best and has actually eaten an entire cantaloupe at one sitting. 

The one thing that I can't get her to eat however, are green veggies. I have been able to sneak spinach into pasta or a frittata and she ate some but on a regular basis she isn't eating as much veggies as I know she should. She does eat the orange/yellow veggies, but green ...not so much. I give her pouches that are fruit and veggie blends and I give her veggie burger patties but at what point can she just eat some broccoli or green beans normally instead of pureed and hidden. Some of the research I read sent me to a site called Summer Tomato that had some really good ideas.


She didn't eat that pouch.... 

Just bread and bananas 

She does love pasta 

... and crackers 

 I don't want her to live off fruit and carbs alone! I guess I need to start getting as creative with her meals as I am with my own. For right now I think I may purchase this Amazing Grass drink mix that has a ton of healthy fruit and veggie and grass powders in it. 

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