Monday, May 11, 2015

Whole 30: Day One

On Saturday I planned out our first weeks menu and purchased all we would need.

The go to idea is fruit, veggies, eggs, meat, fish, and nuts/seeds.

These are all things we love to eat already so with a plan and menu laid out it won't be hard at all to stick to. The main thing is you have to cook to eat because you really are trying to eat whole foods and not anything processed because you can't have most of those ingredients. I was surprised when trying to buy lunch meat to make meat wraps for lunches, that every single brand EVERY ONE I looked at like a million options has sugar or honey. The only packaged food I got were Larabars and a whole 30 approved no sugar sausage. (another tricky item that you wouldn't think had sugar in it) That brand if you are curious is Aidells chicken and apple sausage. It has to be chicken and apple as their other products have sugar.

Speaking of hidden sugars I watched a documentary yesterday called FedUp that discusses the roll of money and politics in the food industry and how processed/packaged foods have a lot of unnecessary unhealthy ingredients because of big companies pushing product to make money. The biggest one they villainize is sugar. The fact that almost EVERYTHING has added sugar and sugar is pretty much what makes you fat. It's an interesting documentary that I recommend you watch if you are curious. PLUS it's pretty great motivation to eat well.

NOW for day one meals

BREAKFAST - A key lime larabar and a green suja juice

MY LUNCH - Kale and alfalfa salad with avocado, steak, and no sugar salsa 

MY HUSBANDS LUNCH - Kale and mustard wrapped in Roast Beef (this was purchased at the deli last week and I have no idea if it has sugar. It's whole roast so I am hoping no), hard boiled eggs, carrots, and almonds. 

DINNER - Snap peas and coconut shrimp 

I sauteed the snap peas in coconut oil and a little salt and pepper. 
The shrimp were raw and I coated them in egg with a splash of coconut milk then dredged them in unsweetened coconut. I put them on a baking sheet and baked them for 20 minutes at 350 then for about 5 min on broil to get extra toasted coconut. 
Next time I would probably make a pineapple salsa or a mango sauce to go with it but it was seriously delicious without it. 

Today was REALLY easy. The only hard part was I did miss my Spark which I can't have on Whole 30.  If I need caffeine I will have to do coffee with coconut milk. 

ALRIGHT 29 MORE DAYS TO GO! I think we got this. 

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