Thursday, May 14, 2015

Whole 30: Day Four

So I straight up wore some old size 16 pants that I haven't been able to wear since before I got pregnant! THAT IS TWO YEARS YALL!

I am only about 15 pounds away from being back to my pre-pregnancy weight!


I think some people would be surprised at how easy Whole 30 is. You may think that sounds like a lot of restrictions but really you can eat so much good food and you will never be hungry or feel deprived! I think anybody can do it for 30 days! 

Todays meals ... 


Last night I sauteed spinach and peppers put that in muffin tins, topped it with some diced roast beef, then cracked an egg on top added some seasonings and baked it so I could just heat it up in the morning. It was SO good. 


THIS ... THIS is why Whole 30 is so easy. HOLY COW 
Almond crusted chicken will change your life. Just take whole almonds and put them in the food processor. When they are crumbled up well you dredge your chicken tenders in egg then into the crushed almond, put them on a cookie sheet with a little coconut oil and bake until golden and SCRUMPTIOUS. I ate mine with spicy brown mustard and a side salad with the final bit of that avocado I have been eating on all week plus a few onions. 

I also made a Starbucks run and got iced coffee with coconut milk. Totally Whole 30 approved YUM


Tonight I baked onions and peppers with chicken sausage and roasted sweet potatoes. 

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