Friday, May 15, 2015

Whole 30: Day Five

Today was a long, busy, but awesome day! Woke up extra early and did laundry and picked up the craziness that is toddler mess then headed off to work. 


Key Lime and Green Delight are probably my favorite! 


Danielle and I decided we would go out for lunch today since we had Pop Show! We went to Jason's and I got a huge salad. 

After school I ran to get stuff for JH pop show then went to Danielle's house to watch Dr. Phil before we headed back up to the school for the show. 

I planned on eating dinner when I got home but since I just got home at 10:30 PM I didn't eat dinner tonight. 

When I got home Chris told me my new book came in! 

(I have been trying for like 10 minutes to get this photo to flip and it won't...) 

I am really excited to read this and get further motivation. 

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