Sunday, May 24, 2015

How to survive a holiday weekend and lots of guests not on Whole30!

Only eating certain foods can sometimes be a challenge when it's a holiday and you have a lot of family come in town. One of the ways to easily make sure that you are on track is by bringing your own food or offering to make certain meals so that you can be sure that you have food around you that you can eat but everyone else will also enjoy.

This morning I offered to make a breakfast casserole for everyone. I couldn't find sausage that didn't have sugar and a ton of weird additives so I found this Martha Stewart recipe for homemade pan sausage. My husband couldn't find ground pork in the Marshall Kroger so I used ground beef. The flavors of that seasoning blend are SO good and it's really very easy to make your own sausage and avoid all that other crap they put into pre packaged ones. Once the beef was seasoned and browned I added in some spinach and partially wilted it. I spread that out in the bottom of a coconut oil greased baking dish. 

Then I beat 2 dozen cage free organic brown eggs. (Remember on Whole30 they really encourage you to get the best source of meat and eggs as possible.

I baked it at 350 for about 45 minutes. 

We took the casserole over to my moms house and served it up with salsa and avocado and a huge bowl of cantaloupe and berries.

After breakfast we went on a small walk with Emma, then took a boat ride and then laid in the lake and hung out on the boat deck while the babies napped.

The fun part is when everyone is drinking this 

My husband actually didn't have any! I was so proud that he stayed on the plan. My cousin also doesn't drink alcohol so the three of us weren't drinking which made it easier.

After lake fun we had burgers topped with sauteed mushrooms, avocado, lettuce, and roasted potatoes.

It was really good. 

We ate so late that I didn't get very hungry at regular dinner time. So at about 7:30 I had a banana with macadamia nut butter. It was REALLY good, but I didn't take a photo. According to the others who saw it, it looked gross haha. 

The good thing about yesterday was everyone really ate the same thing we ate. There were biscuits, beans and buns for the burgers, and there were chips throughout the day but those things aren't tempting to me so it was ok. If it was a birthday with a huge homemade chocolate cake - that would be ROUGH. Chips and bread aren't super tempting. The biscuits smell was tempting but obviously  these things aren't so tempting that I eat them. I have two weeks left and so far I feel really good, other than the occasional gassy belly which I think is from all the green veggies.  
After these last two weeks I hope my sugar craving is under control and I can make good decisions for the rest of my life on how my food and my daughters food is affecting our health. 

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