Sunday, May 31, 2015

3 Month mark!

Tomorrow marks three months since I started focusing on being healthy on a consistent basis. After three months I have lost thirty pounds, I have more energy, I have the desire to eat healthy food, and I feel more comfortable doing everyday things like walking up stairs, tying my shoes, and shaving. I am fifty pounds down from my highest weight when I started this blog in 2012. My goal from here is to lose another fifty pounds so I can be down a total of 100, but mostly not to fall back into bad habits from here. In 2012 I was doing so great and then I let pregnancy cravings allow me to fall back into bad habits and then the busyness of having a new baby allowed me to use that as an excuse to continue to eat food I knew wasn't good for me because it tasted awesome and was convenient. I had post baby body self loathing. I hated buying clothes, or even wearing clothes really. I mostly stayed at home and wore a nightgown all day and slowly I kept adding back the weight. Then I realized as Emma was nearing two and a mobile toddler that I needed to have the energy and ability to be as active as she is. I also realized that she was wanting to eat what I was eating and after a few times of french fries or cheesy pasta I realized maybe I don't want her to eat that and if I don't want her to eat it then I must know it's not good for her OR me! If I am viewing food for her as nutrition for a healthy body then why am I treating my own body differently? After three months it has become a habit. I still occasionally have a longing for something unhealthy and I don't think that it's unnatural for anyone. I am happy to eat healthy 90% of the time and treat myself to something less healthy the other 10% of the time. I am not eating dairy, grains, alcohol or sugar right now but I am not just never going to eat a brownie ever again or have a beer. I know that is unrealistic and the best way to create a healthy lifestyle and be consistent is to create a balance. I am hoping to lose about 10 pounds a month and get to my 100 pounds down by Christmas. To be healthy and active for a full calendar year is probably the best goal more than just the number on the scale, because no matter what I want to continue so that I set the example for Emma.

Over the weekend in Austin I did a good job staying on track.


Breakfast: I woke up early and make prosciutto and baked egg cups with fruit. 

Lunch: I ran through an got a grilled chicken salad 

Dinner: We went to a Mexican restaurant by the hotel. 

The chips looked SO good but obviously I avoided the temptation.

Instead I ordered grilled chicken with sauteed veggies and guacamole.


Breakfast: At the hotel they had potatoes, eggs, bacon and cantaloupe. MMMM 

Lunch: They were only selling Pizza at the campus so I had a banana, larabar, some almonds, and a fresh jamba juice. 

I got the fresh squeezed kale, spinach, pineapple, and apple blend. It was really good. 

Dinner: I didn't take a photo but I had a beef fajita salad. 


Breakfast: This morning I had sauteed zucchini, summer squash, prosciutto and pico de gallo with a poached egg and a side of fruit. 

Lunch: Roasted veggies and baked chicken with curry powder, cayenne, and cinnamon. 

Dinner: Baked salmon with mango avocado salsa and sauteed snap peas. 

I also got a new La Croix flavor and it is SO good. Strawberry Pineapple is now my go to summer drink!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Coconut milk and Avocado are LIFE

My goal is to try not to eat avocado for every meal... it's hard. Last night I made tuna salad with one can of tuna, 2 boiled eggs, onion, mustard, and paprika. I served it over a halved avocado and also packed almond butter with raisins and celery.

Over memorial day weekend I was looking through my moms Rachel Ray magazine and saw a recipe for carrot coconut soup with spicy shrimp and realized I could totally make that on whole 30. I took the quick route though and made mine pumpkin coconut curry soup so I didn't have to cook down the carrots and blend it etc.

Coconut oil
2 cloves of minced garlic 
1 tbs curry powder 
pinch of nutmeg 
pinch of cinnamon 
2 tsp ginger 
1 tsp cayenne
pinch of salt 

1 can of pure pumpkin
1 can of coconut milk
1 small carton of organic free range chicken broth
coconut flake
chili sauce
seasoning of choice - I used special shit

Heat coconut oil in a large sauce pot, add garlic and saute, then add spices and brown spices a little to release their flavor. Add pumpkin, coconut milk, and chicken broth and simmer on low.

In a skillet toast the coconut flakes and pepitas then remove.

In the same skillet cook shrimp with chili sauce and any other spicy seasonings you choose.

Serve soup in bowl topped with a drizzle of coconut milk, the coconut flakes and pepitas, and spicy shrimp.

Another amazing Whole30 meal that keeps me feeling good but not deprived. It is so flavorful and delicious anyone would love it.

I also decided to try and see what I could do for Chris and his sweet coffee addiction. He got unsweetened chocolate almond milk but it's not sweet at all so he didn't love it. I found out you can just blend up soaked dates and a can of coconut milk and you have sweet creamer! So I made some tonight and I hope he likes it.

Seriously if it weren't for coconut milk and avocado I may not have been able to do Whole30!

Tomorrow I go to Austin for a few days so I am hoping I can find Whole30 approved foods to keep me accountable. I would hate to throw away 18 days of progress. PLUS I am finally starting to get compliments and a lot of people noticing my weight loss which is always a positive motivator.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Halfway through the Whole 30!

Whole 30 has been going so well! I can't believe I am halfway through. I do still sometimes crave sweets though - I won't lie. I know that I have the willpower not to cave but I wish I just never wanted them.  Instead I fill myself up with approved foods and move on. 


Lunch: Jason's Deli date with my husband. 

Dinner: baked chicken, roasted potatoes, and sauteed green beans. The in-laws were in town and ate with us. 


Breakfast: I had a larabar and stopped at Starbucks before work for unsweetened iced coffee with coconut milk

 Lunch: leftover baked chicken, lettuce with organic salsa, and almond stuffed olives 

Snack: Mighty Greens suja juice 

Dinner: Lettuce topped with halved avocado, pico de gallo, boiled shrimp, and salsa 

TRULY THIS IS AWESOME - another Whole30 meal that is so good you truly won't think about any restrictions! 


Breakfast: Larabar and suja mighty greens 

Lunch: This was the best I could do at Splash Kingdom. Two hot dog weenies and mustard. 

After the choir field trip I stopped for another Starbucks! Thanks Starbucks for carrying coconut milk. This is my new "treat" 

Then ran to Kroger and loaded up on fruit, veggies, meat, fish, almond butter, larabars, organic coffee, and organic baby food pouches for Emma. 

Dinner: I made stuffed cabbage. I mixed ground turkey, onions, garlic, seasonings, spicy brown mustard, organic tomato paste, and an egg. 

Boil a whole cabbage and remove the outer leaves as they get soft. Put the meat mixture in them and roll them up. 

Put the stuffed cabbage in a baking dish with organic tomato sauce. (AGAIN check for sugar in your tomato sauce before you buy it!) 

Eating better is getting easier and becoming second nature. 
The thing is this is not a diet it is a lifestyle change that I hope will change the way my family thinks about food. My husband and my habits will become our daughters habits. I don't mind if she eats the occasional cheeto, but I do want her to eat fruits, veggies, and foods that provide her with nutritional benefits and not just convenience food. Tonight I cut up an organic sweet potato into "fries" and roasted it up for her.

 She ate the whole thing, plus raspberries, and an organic apple, carrot, blueberry sauce pouch. When that is your child's typical meal I feel like I am giving her the building blocks of a future of good eating. I want her to understand that healthy food is delicious and will make her body better. I don't want her to be a picky eater or think that the only good foods are foods loaded with calories and sugar. If we start now then I doubt we will run into problems when she's a little older. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

How to survive a holiday weekend and lots of guests not on Whole30!

Only eating certain foods can sometimes be a challenge when it's a holiday and you have a lot of family come in town. One of the ways to easily make sure that you are on track is by bringing your own food or offering to make certain meals so that you can be sure that you have food around you that you can eat but everyone else will also enjoy.

This morning I offered to make a breakfast casserole for everyone. I couldn't find sausage that didn't have sugar and a ton of weird additives so I found this Martha Stewart recipe for homemade pan sausage. My husband couldn't find ground pork in the Marshall Kroger so I used ground beef. The flavors of that seasoning blend are SO good and it's really very easy to make your own sausage and avoid all that other crap they put into pre packaged ones. Once the beef was seasoned and browned I added in some spinach and partially wilted it. I spread that out in the bottom of a coconut oil greased baking dish. 

Then I beat 2 dozen cage free organic brown eggs. (Remember on Whole30 they really encourage you to get the best source of meat and eggs as possible.

I baked it at 350 for about 45 minutes. 

We took the casserole over to my moms house and served it up with salsa and avocado and a huge bowl of cantaloupe and berries.

After breakfast we went on a small walk with Emma, then took a boat ride and then laid in the lake and hung out on the boat deck while the babies napped.

The fun part is when everyone is drinking this 

My husband actually didn't have any! I was so proud that he stayed on the plan. My cousin also doesn't drink alcohol so the three of us weren't drinking which made it easier.

After lake fun we had burgers topped with sauteed mushrooms, avocado, lettuce, and roasted potatoes.

It was really good. 

We ate so late that I didn't get very hungry at regular dinner time. So at about 7:30 I had a banana with macadamia nut butter. It was REALLY good, but I didn't take a photo. According to the others who saw it, it looked gross haha. 

The good thing about yesterday was everyone really ate the same thing we ate. There were biscuits, beans and buns for the burgers, and there were chips throughout the day but those things aren't tempting to me so it was ok. If it was a birthday with a huge homemade chocolate cake - that would be ROUGH. Chips and bread aren't super tempting. The biscuits smell was tempting but obviously  these things aren't so tempting that I eat them. I have two weeks left and so far I feel really good, other than the occasional gassy belly which I think is from all the green veggies.  
After these last two weeks I hope my sugar craving is under control and I can make good decisions for the rest of my life on how my food and my daughters food is affecting our health. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Whole 30: Day Eleven/Twelve



More of the antelope, spinach, potato egg casserole with organic Whole30 approved salsa. 

Leftover almond crusted catfish, some roasted brussles, and zucchini. PLUS my new favorite La Croix flavor - Graperfuit!!!! That mess is good. 

You're not really encouraged to snack on Whole30 unless you are SURE you are hungry. If your body is signaling true hunger you can snack. Yesterday I had a banana with some coconut and almonds on top. 


Roasted carrots, brussels, and onions with a hamburger patty. 


Mango suja with some cayenne added in and a pecan pie larabar!


Salad from Jason's deli and I snuck in a chicken breast and my whole30 ok salsa. I also asked for a side of sliced avocado. 


It was sauerkraut, apple and chicken sausage, sauteed onions and apples, and spicy brown mustard but I didn't take a photo because it was late and I was tired and hungry and still had to drive home from Longview. 

Today's motivational moments 

Student: "Mrs. Eppley- you look fierce!" 
Student: "Yeah Mrs. Eppley you look good." 
Parent: "Have you lost weight? You look really good"