Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 5

Nothing exciting or new about todays typical menu and routine. 

I did have a horrible end to my day and chose to come home after rehearsals instead of going to the gym. I had to pack for our High School Choir trip and wanted to see my hubby before he went to work tonight.

Tomorrow I head off to Dallas for four days with our students and while there we are going to 
1. a food truck park 
2. spaghetti warehouse
3. cheesecake factory 
4. dave and busters 
5. six flags 
6. a pizza party 


I have packed bars, shakes, nuts, and oranges plus my supplements. I also looked at the menus to see what I could find that would work with my diet and think I will be ok. I packed gym clothes if there is time and Im not exhausted at the end of the day. I am going to try to focus on other aspects of the trip rather than the food. Typically when I go on vacation thats my favorite part of planning the trip "WHERE WE GONNA EAT?" I know I won't cheat but will I let myself be really depressed about it? NO 

"Scientists have conducted a research on whether you can train yourself into craving healthier foods. Their test subjects showed positive results where, after a couple of months, they were craving healthy greens. The sole reason we have unhealthy cravings is that since we were children our elders would give us candies and chocolates for good behaviour. When we feel under the weather we treat ourselves to chocolate so we have been feeding this unhealthy habit. We need to condition our brain into thinking healthy foods as a reward."


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