Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 15

It's been two weeks and I want pizza... BAD.

I told my hubby yesterday I wanted pizza so bad would it be ok if I just was fat. He said no and that pizza wasn't even that good.

Of all things to quit for pizza was definitely not worth it. He is right but I was having a major craving. I was actually exceptionally hungry yesterday. Im hoping that is a sign of my metabolism going HECK YEAH! and burning more fat. It made me kind of want to carb out though.

This morning I weighed in at a total of 9 pounds gone. 

I decided to go to the gym before church this morning. It feels nice to go in the morning and get it out of the way. I ended up doing squats today and my thighs hurt so bad I shake when I am sitting and standing haha. 

Today for lunch I had my chocolate meal replacement shake and I decided to add to it a sprinkle of cinnamon and cayenne and OMG it was so good. It tasted like a mexican chocolate cookie and I want to have it that way every time. 

I am not meal prepping this week because a lot of what I planned is crock pot meals, but I did menu plan. I usually plan to cook enough for two meals so that I do have leftovers and only have to cook about half the week.

Tonight - Chicken and kale soup 
Monday - Leftover turkey burger and sweet potato fries (we had this Friday) 
Tuesday - St. Patricks day calls for lamb stew
Wednesday - Ground turkey, brussel sprout and sweet potato hash with a poached egg
Thursday - leftover kale soup 
Friday - Leftover lamb stew 
Saturday - Texas roadhouse before the high school choir formal MMMM  
Sunday - Thai chicken salad 
Monday - Turkey and spinach meatballs in marinara with whole wheat pasta 
Tuesday - Salmon with roasted broccoli 



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