Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 14

I literally just posted this photo


It's hard not to get frustrated when you lost 7 pounds in one week to go to 1 pound the next. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? I'm eating well, I am working out, I am taking my supplements, and I am drinking a ton of water. I mean I didn't gain weight so that's always a plus. I guess over all  8 pounds in two weeks is still a great step. I could have never started and gained more weight while I was in Dallas and Houston had I not started this decision to be conscious about eating healthy. 

Yes I realize with so much weight to lose the first two weeks isn't the time to be discouraged and change anything. My friend told me yesterday "If you are tired of not getting results stop quitting" And she is right. I have no intention of quitting doing what I am doing, but it is nice to be rewarded by that scale for the hard work you put forth. And again my friend said "If you keep doing what you are doing you WILL lose the weight!" It may come off a lot one week and just a bit the next, but I guarantee you in two more weeks I will be down more than 8 pounds, and anything is better than where I was.                            

So today I suppose I have a Non Scale Victory 
I am eating better and moving more and setting a good example of a healthy lifestyle for my daughter. I can live with that. 

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