Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 12

Day 6 - 9 I was on a school trip to Dallas.

Being away not only makes it hard to stay connected to my blog it also makes it hard to stay on track with eating options.

DAY ONE:  We went to a food truck park... it was awful. I had a meal shake before and then ate an avocado at the park. I sat and watched others eat street tacos, noodle bowls, and ice cream sandwiches. I cried on the inside.
At dinner we went to Spaghetti Warehouse and I had a salad with chicken, mushrooms, and a pesto vinegarette which very well had sugar in it. #FAIL It was a better option to me than the white pasta with creamy sauce or meatballs. At least I got in my veggies and protein and while I could have said no dressing bring me just vinegar - I did not. again #FAIL

DAY TWO: First of all I got up at 5:30 and went to the hotel gym. YEAH! Then we headed to Six Flags - we walked 16,000 steps at Six Flags! That's like 7 miles. That alone made me feel pretty good about this day. At six flags I had smoked turkey and then got lettuce and onion off the burger bar and made turkey wraps. They were actually really good. I am sure the Turkey had a ton of sodium, but overall it was the best option.

For dinner we went to Dave and Busters. Here I had the cabo chicken which was grilled chicken with a pineapple pico, rice, and steamed broccoli. It was SERIOUSLY good. And the dinner buffet they set up was NASTY looking. It was mini pizzas, burger sliders, french fries, chicken tenders, and something else fried and bready. At that moment I was so thrilled to be eating veggies.

DAY THREE: My whole body ached as I woke up this morning. I rode a lot of roller coasters and walked a ton the previous day so I felt like I was totally bruised. (I actually did sustain two bruises on my legs this day) I decided a break from the gym was totally warranted. Lunch today was at cheesecake factory. I ordered from the "Skinny Menu" which had so many yummy options. I got edamame, tuna tartar, and shrimp spring rolls.

For dinner we had a pizza party at the hotel. This was the hardest night. I planned in advance and took two hardboiled eggs off the breakfast buffet that morning and stuck them in my room fridge. Two hardboiled eggs and a cutie......... yyyyyeah. It didn't taste bad but that's like a snack. I was pretty hungry this night.

Day 10 - Present I am on vacation in Houston.

Going to someones house as a guest when you have dietary restrictions is a little awkward. You don't want to be rude but you also don't want to cheat just because you don't want to make special requests. I told Chris to tell his parents I was doing Advocare and could only eat certain things and that his mom could make whatever and I could always go to the store and buy things I could eat.

DAY ONE: MIL made spanish rice, beans, and green chile enchilada casserole with tons of gooey yummy cheese. MMMMM I didn't eat it. I made a huge salad. Spinach and Kale topped with strawberries, blackberries, avocado, and grilled chicken with a balsamic and dijon dressing (homemade no sugar - literally just those two ingredients)

DAY TWO: FIL was going to grill but it rained, so MIL made spaghetti. They had whole grain pasta so I ate it. I had purchased broccoli and still had spinach so I mixed in cooked broccoli and spinach to bulk it up since I didn't want to eat too much pasta.

Yesterday was the beginning of MAX PHASE. I started taking he MNS packets.

Key Benefits 
  • - Provides maximum appetite control*
  • - Provides a comprehensive and balanced weight-management system*
  • - Supports reduced caloric intake by sending signals of fullness to the brain*
  • - Improves metabolic efficiency*
  • - Supports more efficient use of calories*
  • - Provides core nutrition*
  • - Aids and stimulates the digestive process*
  • - Provides more than 50 vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, antioxidants and other nutrients for superior health and wellness*

I am not sure what tonights plan is, but I am hoping for those yummy pork chops that are sitting in the fridge, and FIL said something about asparagus. YES PLEASE

I have been to the gym both days we have been here. I am starting to get back into the habit and when I wake up I think "when am I going to work out?"

So far Advocare has really helped to keep me focused and motivated to making a healthy lifestyle choice for myself and my family. I've lost seven pounds in just 10 days! Initially I was like "aw dang I wanted to lose more." BUT SEVEN POUNDS YALL in a week??? That's nothing to be underwhelmed about. Thats AWESOME.

I can see and feel a difference in the size of my tummy, and I have energy and feel good inside. I have always had tummy issues and even had to have a colonoscopy a few months ago. The fiber and probiotics I am taking have made my tummy issues totally disappear. As of right now I am very much considering becoming a distributor to get product discounts because I see myself continuing to use their supplements past the 24 day period.

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