Saturday, February 28, 2015

Organizing and meal prep

Tomorrow is the day I start my Advocare challenge.
I made sure when I got my box that I organized everything so that each day I wouldn't have to do much thinking and it would feel very easy and routine.

I made daily bags with all of my spark, shakes, fiber drink, and supplements. 

I labeled them and then put them in order in a basket so that each morning all I have to do is grab my bag and stick it in my purse. 

Then I made a plan for my meals and went shopping. The main goal of advocare is to eat clean, so lots of fruit and veggies and lean proteins plus minimal whole grains and no sugar or processed foods.  

Each day you eat snacks between meals so I made snack bags of nuts, fruit, natural peanut butter and celery, got some Lara bars, and boiled some eggs. 

Then I went ahead and cooked our dinners for the week and portioned them out so that all I have to do is heat up the tupperware and I am done. 

Meal 1: chicken with roasted broccoli whole wheat penne and natural organic tomato sauce. (Sunday and Wednesday) 
Meal 2: Half a roasted sweet potato, a pork chop, and brussel sprouts (Monday and Thursday)
Meal 3: Quinoa, salmon, and asparagus (Tuesday) 

I labeled every tupperware with what day it was and whose meal (chris has different portion sizes and doesn't like asparagus or sweet potato) 

The rest of the week I really don't have to think much at all because I have done all the work today. Meal prep is a life saver!

Friday morning I leave to go to Dallas and when we get back I go to Houston. I will special order things in a way that is still in line with my clean eating goal. Thankfully a lot of my meals and snacks are easy to pack and travel with. 

I've got an app on my phone that gives you your daily guide as to what to take and when, plus I have set reminders on my phone daily to eat and take my supplements. 

I've weighed, taken my measurements and pictures, so in 24 days I will share the results!!!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

It has arrived!

My Advocare package has arrived.
I have been reading over all kinds of guides and tips etc. on how to get the most out of my challenge and I am really excited but also very nervous.

I am starting on Sunday March 1st, my advisers start date was March 1st, 2014 so it's good luck! On March 6th we start spring break and I go to Dallas with our high school choir kids for their spring trip.
On our itinerary:
1. Spaghetti Warehouse
2. Dave and Busters
3. Six Flags
4. Pizza party

Advocare isn't just about a 24 day period once, it's a catalyst to start better choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I know that I will always have times where I will be faced with bad food choices but facing them so early in my 24 day period is scary. I looked at the menus and made a game plan for what I will do. I've got bars, shakes, and spark and plan to do that for breakfast and lunch and pack some snacks - fruit and nuts. At dinner if there is a set menu (because we set it up to be somewhat all inclusive for our kids) I will either find a choice that works or order off menu. I am going to remain dedicated to this challenge and work very hard to focus on the things we do that aren't eating. I love food and I love trying new things but I am going to have to start focusing on food in a different way or I will always be obese. Eating clean and healthy can be just as enjoyable as eating a giant gooey piece of pizza (yes...right...yes) and for the next 24 days I am committed 100% not to break the rules. I have told my husband, my parents, and my best friend the main details of the plan so that the people around me know and can keep me on track and support me. I am so excited to see what happens over this next month. I am going to take it a day at a time and plan my day and meals so I don't stress over it but it's just becomes a natural routine.

I hope that I can one day show before and after pictures like my adviser and inspiration Emily!

Here is her advocare link if you are interested in reading her story and finding out more about their product line!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

A friend of mine lost 70 pounds on Advocare, became a sales rep, and motivated me to try it out.
I have found that with a pretty busy schedule and a toddler, weight loss isn't as easy as it was in 2012 when I was teaching general music and had no baby! I decided I needed something a little easier and more structured out to get me in a routine. I don't want to struggle with this anymore but I am not losing my pregnancy weight and I lose motivation when I don't see results. Haven't lost weight? Why not eat chocolate cake? Vicious cycle that anyone who struggles with weight knows very well. I am hoping within these 24 days I gain good habits and see results that keep me motivated. I am also hoping to get the energy I need to keep up with my crazy beautiful daughter and set good examples for her.