Friday, May 30, 2014

I can!

I looked back at my old blog posts and totally inspired myself to be the old Johanna from 2012.

 I seemed to have the healthy lifestyle down. The last two weeks I have really made an effort to make better food choices and I tried to make time to walk with Emma. (Ill be honest its been twice.) It's really crazy but I have already lost 8 pounds in just two weeks - and that included Memorial Day weekend where I didn't really make any healthy choices. It's obvious to me that even though losing the amount of weight I want to lose will take a long time, I clearly know the tools it takes to lose weight and frankly its not hard per say it just takes a lot of self motivation and some planning. As I said in my previous post I want to focus on eating things I want my child to eat and focus on teaching her a healthy lifestyle where she can be active and happy.

Today for lunch we had the banana and egg pancakes you've most likely seen all over pinterest. It's super easy. Mash one banana and mix in two eggs.

(photo credit rabbitfoodformybunnyteeth

I had been wanting to try it and I had one lone ripe banana on my counter. 
I got five pancakes out of my mix and fed one to Emma. 

I topped it with 1 tbs of lite syrup 

For under 300 calories it was really good. It tastes more like french toast since its mostly an egg base, but if you love french toast then you'll love these pancakes. Not to mention if you have any allergy or dietary restrictions its gluten and dairy free. 

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