Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is the Biggest Loser winner still a winner?

So my weight loss community is all a buzz this morning on the Biggest Loser finale. I didn't watch this season but after seeing the dramatic photos of the winners body last night and feeling a bit of a connection because we have the same starting weight and she is only an inch taller than I am, I have to weigh in. 

The winner is 5'4'' with a starting weight of 260.  

She's a super cute girl right? 

Here she is kicking butt in a workout. From what I read from BL followers she was a pretty big fan favorite. Now in case you haven't seen here is the thing thats causing all the buzz. 

She lost 155 pounds. Weighing in at only 105 pounds people are asking "IS THIS HEALTHY?" 

My honest initial opinion was OMG she is waaaay too skinny. 

Below is what she looked like when she left the ranch. After that they have several months to continue on their own. 

Here she is last night at the final weigh in. 

So what a lot of people are asking is did she take herself to an unhealthy point in her weight loss? 
I don't think you can look at someones body and judge their health. According to BMI charts she is under weight. A lot of people are questioning if BL should create a rule to keep people from becoming unhealthy in their weight loss efforts by saying you can't win if you are under weight, or saying you should win by your BMI numbers not the total pounds lost numbers. More people are saying that she lost the weight to win but perhaps plans to put on ten pounds post show. 

Here are a few things I can say on it 
1. I am 258 and 5'3'' - I can't imagine weighing 105 and I do not want to 
2. As a woman who knows what it feels like to be constantly judged for being overweight I can't imagine how it would feel to work so hard to get past that, get thin, and then continue to be judged for being too thin.  
3. You cannot judge a persons body based on looks. Is she unhealthy? I don't know 
4. The woman is GORGEOUS and freaking lost 155 pounds! I do think that she looked amazing at the ranch and should have stopped there, but she is on a show promoting the highest weight lost to win a ton of money. Another season a contestant got an eating disorder because of it. Maybe the problem is the contest pushing people to win money instead of pushing them to just be healthy. 

So is Rachel better off in a 105 pound body as opposed to a 260 pound body? 
Is she still a winner even though all of America is wanting to judge her for looking anorexic and unhealthy? 

Is any body the ideal body? 

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