Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's all mental!

I definitely think that the biggest challenge in getting healthy and being fit is getting yourself into it mentally 100%. Your brain will try to tempt you and tell you "Just once, it's ok!" but if you can stay mentally strong NOTHING will stop you.

I was able to keep myself motivated for quite awhile last year when I lost my 65 pounds. Here is my very last body profile picture I took in November.

I was pregnant here and didn't know it! After this I found out and I embraced the pregnancy bump. 

This was about two weeks before Emma was born! I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy. I didn't really go super crazy but I did stop my super stringent healthy food kick. When a pregnant girl craves a burger she is gonna eat a burger! I got back in bad habits and I stopped working out because I honestly was scared to work out. I didn't want to do anything to hurt myself or my baby even though I know its totally safe to work out during pregnancy I was just scared.

Here is my body profile today.

Still 40 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight BUT as I learned a year ago I CAN DO THIS.
A year ago my motivation was preparing to get pregnant and having a healthy body to carry my baby. Now my motivation is teaching Emma that healthy normal and not a struggle or something to feel disappointed about. Healthy foods and physical activity are essential shields for good health and disease prevention. It's never too early to get your children to move more and start eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. 

Every time I look at this adorable face I will think about how important her health is to me and remember that my health is the tool to teach her with.  

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