Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Yes it has been almost a WHOLE month since my last post. I promise I am not quitting my blog I had just been so busy with concerts and musicals at work and getting sick and being tired and BLEH. The last thing I had time to do was be a great fitness/health blogger. 

I stopped eating breakfast because I was queasy in the mornings. I stopped eating lunch because I was too tired to worry about packing it. I fell back into old habits with that. When I was done with work and late after school rehearsals I got home at 5:00 hadn't eaten all day and just wanted to crash on the couch and DIE. I only went to the gym a few times in the last month... like maybe once a week. FOUR TIMES? Yes sorry guys... four times. 

It has been ONE YEAR today since I started this journey. I haven't lost more weight since my last weigh in.... I had hoped to be down 75 pounds at this point but as most of you know instead... this happened two months ago 

Yes all of the lack of energy, nausea, sickness, extreme fatigue, and weight GAIN instead of loss in the last month was actually due to this little nugget of joy!!!!! 


I am beyond thrilled. I had planned on losing 100 pounds before we got pregnant but that's OK. I lost 65 and I can continue to eat healthy and YES work out. Now that I know I am pregnant and that's why I feel this way I can plan my day right so that I don't get so fatigued. Exercise when you are pregnant is really important. I think they say on average women should gain 30 pounds during pregnancy but if you are already overweight do they suggest you lose weight??? 

"Obese women are given the narrowest weight-gain range, with 11 to 20 pounds considered optimal.Obese women are at elevated risk of pregnancy complications like gestational (pregnancy-related) diabetes; pre-eclampsia, a potentially dangerous disorder marked by a sudden increase in blood pressure and protein in the urine; emergency cesarean section; and having a larger-than-normal baby.Some studies have suggested that obese women can safely gain less than the recommended amount of weight, or possibly even lose weight, and lower their risk of such complications."

Apparently the concern with losing weight during pregnancy is having a smaller than normal baby. It seems to me if you are giving your baby the right amount of nutrition and not starving yourself to lose weight then you are going to have a healthy weighted baby. I will discuss with my doctor during my physical on Monday when I am SURE my weight will come up as an issue. SAD DAY 

I am not going to do anything different than what I have been doing. The doctor even said I can still jog as long as nothing hurts when I do it. Even if I don't lose weight I know that the healthy lifestyle I started for myself will only help my little baby. The only thing that I am concerned about is all the sickness I have been experiencing. It really does make it hard to eat right and workout when you are nauseated half the time.... well lately 80% of the time. 

This is my first pregnancy and WOW its way different than I thought it was going to be. I honestly guess I never thought about it. When you are wanting a baby you think of the baby nursery and the cute baby clothes. You don't think about the constipation, bloated stomach feeling, vomiting, bad skin, apparently (thank God I haven't experienced this yet) hemorrhoids, back pain etc. Which I guess is a good thing or I never would have gotten pregnant. Apparently this is not what everyone experiences during their pregnancy though. I was speaking with my mother-in-law and apparently she didn't even know she was pregnant until three months in. " I never felt sick or tired or anything."  (Mind you she is telling me this while I am curled up on the couch about nauseated from the smell of frying fish) "In fact I was at my weekly check up and the doctor said "uh you need to go the hospital...you're in labor"" 

"OH JOY! How lucky for you!" 

Then she said "but I was in labor for like 16 hours before they ended up doing a C section" 


I am hoping that all the things I am reading about pregnancy are true and that the first trimester really is the shittiest part. Your body getting used to everything and all the hormones jacking every part of your body up. 

GOAL THIS MONTH: Continue my healthy lifestyle it is appropriate for my pregnant body as well and can only help my baby be nutritious and healthy too. ALSO try not to stress over the fact that I am overweight - it is what it is I can only hope I have good doctors who will help me through this process so that my baby and myself get through this without any problems. HERE IS TO A HEALTHY BABY AND  A HEALTHY ME 


  1. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you two!

    And as far as that doc visit...address the weight first. Tell him/her that your weight is not news to you - and let them know your progress through this year - and let the doc know that you plan on continuing your journey in the healthiest way possible for you and the nugget! :)

  2. I'm beyond excited for you guys! I saw your post and got goosebumps :)
    Keep up what you can! But make sure you're not overdoing it. Being sick is baby getting stronger but it is sucking the life out of you, so REST! Pregnancy is different for everyone because everyone's body is different. I wasn't very sick with Peyton and never had most of the usual symptoms, but with this one I was so nauseous all the time, had bad heartburn and terrible gas pains all during the first trimester.
    And you have a million friends and family members to ask questions and talk to :) Love you!

  3. CONGRATS!!!!! I was wondering if you were expecting because I follow you on Pinterest and seen some baby things on there. I'm so excited for you!!! Mommyhood is a wonderful thing!!

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