Sunday, December 9, 2012


I posted on Facebook after my 5k that I survived but I want to give a little more details on the experience. 

The plan was to go with a friend from high school who I sort of reunited with over our weight loss blogs and journey to be healthier. We were both super nervous about it but the plan was just to get done not to push ourselves to the point where we needed one of the many paramedics on hand haha. 

I wore my "Let it SNOW!" jogging shirt .... 

I told her we should at least jog to the first turn or at least the first two minutes so off we went. She started walking a little before that time but I wanted to push myself to jog until the 2 minutes then I would start walking to let her catch up. When I started walking I couldn't find her ANYWHERE. I didn't want to stop so I kept walking and jogging the whole thing all alone. WELL sort of all alone if you have ever done a 5k you know you make random friends with the people who are struggling next to you haha. I bonded with a lady on the road because we got to the "1 mile" sign and I said "Aw crap I thought that meant 1 mile left but it just means I have only gone 1 mile. DAAAAANG" 

I did well I finished the 3 miles in 45 minutes! I hope to keep doing 5ks and getting better and better times and even one day being able to jog the full 3.2 miles!

Here are a few pictures my Dad took as I was jogging past - they are blurry but you get the idea. 

Starting and ending my trek with this really made it more fun! 

When I finally finished I found out that my friend had twisted her ankle right at the beginning of the race. UGH I know she was so disappointed not to be able to complete her first 5k. Thankfully she has plenty of time to do a zillion 5ks in her life if she wants to. I know she was upset though. 

Anyway, as I said before the goal for this 5k was to complete it. My legs were burning and sore by the end! It was MUCH harder than the treadmill at the gym because of hills and turns and of course the road is a different texture so next time I should train on a road. Since the 5k I am still jogging at the gym and even made myself jog yesterday at 4.6 speed WHAT WHAT for short legs mcgee thats FAST. 

The best thing about this experience was knowing that I am young and fit enough to get my butt off the couch and actually do it. 

In fact it made me feel so good I wore this shirt yesterday when I went to the gym. 

While at the gym I saw a poster for a Fun Run on January 13th ... WHO IS WITH ME? 

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