Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So lately I have been dealing with an extreme amount of stress and stress related symptoms. 

I have NO idea why or what it is. I mean its because of work but I don't really know why or how to fix it. Sometimes its ok and other times I just want to run away.  I honestly can't 100% diagnose what at work is stressing me out- I think its multiple things but DANG it's really affecting me and my health. 

I have gotten sick almost NON stop this year! I also suffer from several more of the things on this list... UGH

Thankfully working out is a good stress combatant and so I  really kicked my own butt today at the gym. 

I am rewarding myself with a delicious post workout smoothie. 


1 banana
2-3 TBS dry peanut butter (PB2) 
1 TBS flaxseed powder 
giant handful of spinach (use A LOT) 
5 ice cubes 
enough almond coconut milk to make it all SMOOTH 

Hopefully being in control of my life outside of work will help me to kind of get my stress under control. 
1. Work out - I packed my clothes before work so that I would immediately go to the gym and not come home because its hard for me to get to the gym if I come home I just want to feel sorry for myself and be lazy

2. Don't eat foods that will make me feel guilty  - after the gym I went to Kroger and only bought fruits and veggies - loaded up on good healthy tasty food that I know won't make me stressed that I just ate a snickers haha 

3. Hot tea/coffee- I like to drink a cup before bed because the warm drink makes me feel cozy 

4. Hot bath and mint aromatherapy bubble bath  AHHHHH

5. Music - I like to listen to KVNE or the other christian stations because they are good songs with positive lyrics and that helps me focus on better things.  ESPECIALLY now with all the christmas music

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