Sunday, November 4, 2012


I have been sick a lot the past month and it has put me in a bad rut of not working out. It doesn't help that my husband and gym buddy seriously injured his back and has been off work on disability AND unable to work out as well. I was in a real groove of making sure I worked out at least 4-5 times a week. This past week I didn't go ONCE because I was sick for three straight days then my body was all sore and achey and while working out probably would have made that feeling go away and made me stretch out and feel better I decided that not working out was the right choice. 

I have this battle constantly. I have allowed myself a few food cheats once in a while but for the most part I am really good at sticking with my food goals. 

For my benefit alone I want to remind myself of those goals and how I can work harder to meet them

1. Stay away from refined sugar as much as possible (I do eat chocolate from time to time in fact as I write this I am eating a handful of M&Ms... I could make my own with cocoa powder, stevia, and coconut oil)
2. Stay away from artificial sweeteners (I use natural sweeteners at home but if I get tea or coffee out I use splenda ... I could keep my stevia drops in my purse) 
3. Drink water, coffee, or tea only (I have had family social gatherings as well as some stressed out days this past month and I have allowed myself consumption of alcohol. I think working on being smart and planning for alcohol I could do better. Telling myself I can't have it sometimes makes me want it even more. There is really no sub for alcohol so I can't just drink this not that. Make smart alcohol choices like a glass of red wine and STOP) 
4. Only eat whole grains (I am really good at this I never eat anything that isn't whole grain at home sometimes when I am out if thats not an option I will have white flour bread but I try to limit that as much as possible.) 
5. Load up on fruits and veggies ( I am good about this nothing to work on here) 

For the most part I just want to make sure that with my food I remember that I am not on a diet but I am eating for health. There are tons of healthy foods that are seriously delicious and satisfy my cravings. 
I don't want to give up on my goals and fall back into bad habits. I am very excited to see where I will be in a year and I need to set my food habits in place especially as the holidays approach! 

As far as working out I just have to get back in the habit. 

I need to be sure that I am working hard to stay fit and healthy. I am supposed to be doing this for the rest of my life and sometimes the thought of that makes me think its ok to stop for a few days and then I lose focus and fall back into the old me which never went to the gym. This is not easy. For a while I was hardcore and doing awesome and never strayed. People that don't see my struggle think "man how does she do it?" but hey I am human and its not easy and I fall down. I just have to get back up from this and keep going. 
I want to push myself to do what I know I have in me to do... I can change

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