Wednesday, November 21, 2012


s-i-x-t-y f-i-v-e 
you heard that? 


That is how much weight I have lost since I decided to start this journey on January 1st 2012.

 I have a little over a month until the one year mark! EEEK my goal is to see 80 gone so that I will be under 200 pounds. WOOT WOOT 

I was really scared to weigh this morning but I decided NO just get on there and deal with the number and maybe it will be motivation to get your butt in gear over this holiday and not go crazy with gorging my face. 

Turns out I had lost weight not gained weight. HAPPY SURPRISE 

I immediately said to myself DO NOT LET THIS MAKE YOU THINK ITS OK TO EAT A BUNCH OF CRAP AND DRINK A TON OF BEER TOMORROW let this be the motivation to realize this shit is possible and I am SO close to my under 200 goal I can TASTE it and it tastes way better than greasy crap and a ton of beer!!!!! 

I don't love this quote because it can be taken to a negative place BUT I am not I eat ... a lot ...a whole lot. I am not saying I will starve I am just eating a ton of food thats not bad for me and that stuff does taste delicious by the way. ANYWAY 

Second amazing moment today? 

I jogged for seven straight minutes STRAIGHT MINUTES ... SEVEN... 

It wasn't actually terror it was more like OH MY GOD I AM DOING IT  
3 minute mark- "SHIT LETS STOP... ok no keep going to 4" 
4 minute mark - "OK ... well no if I go one more minute I can do 5" 
5 minute mark- "Well I am not dying for breath I think I am ok to keep going" 
6 minute mark - "Yeah I can go longer lets do 10 minutes OH MY GOD" 
7 minute mark - "NOPE 10 minutes not gonna work this is good I DID THIS SHIT" 

The longest I have gone in the past is 5 minutes and now I did 7... I bet I can work up to a 10 minute jog. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT 

I went 1/2 a mile in that 7 minutes I want to be able to do a 10 minute mile in a few months GURG we shall see. 

But this is real motivation for running the Wonderland Run 5k in a few weeks 

moving on.... 

I have fallen back in love with CLOTHES

I know I posted about this before but lately I have really regained my bold and brave fashion sense.

If you follow me on facebook you saw my outfit from Sunday that I got from Gwynnie Bee

 This shirt is from IGIGI which I love but I have never purchased anything from there because its so dang expensive. Thanks Gwynnie Bee for letting me wear this on the cheap.

Tonight I am headed out in the same blue pants (size 16 btw... yeah makes me happy) with a bright turquoise shirt and BAM leopard booties.

GOAL FOR TOMORROW - don't overeat and don't over obsess just have a good day and focus on family and not food!

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