Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yoga and Cereal

I didn't talk about Yoga last night. 
I had a hard day at work yesterday. I felt sick still and almost thought I was going to have to get someone to watch my class while I ran to the restroom sick. Thankfully I just controlled my breathing and drank some water and it helped a bit. 
At the end of work I had such a horrible headache and I was real dizzy feeling. 
I came home and laid in the hammock with my puppies and was content to not go to Yoga but just lay at home and relax. When Chris came home he told me to drink a big glass of water and that maybe I was just dehydrated and that water would help me get some energy back. 
He was actually right. I drank some water rested a little more than headed to Yoga. 

It was actually harder than the last time for some reason. Yoga is very relaxing and the last 10 minutes where you lay on your back with the essential oil towel in silence is the best part haha BUT during the routines it takes a LOT of arm strength. 

Just about any yoga posture in which you place your palms on the floor and use them as a foundation to support your body weight strengthens your arms and shoulders. 
Standing postures in which the arms must work to resist the downward pull of gravity develop arm strength as well.

These were the ones that hurt 

Needless to say my feet did't come off the floor.... YEAH 

Holding this plank was ROUGH

This felt good but it is not as comfortable as you would think on your shoulders/neck area... 

First of all this is HARD I didn't get my butt off the floor but I know I can soon. This is a serious ab workout fo sho and when she makes you hold this for what felt like 10 minutes GURG

I mostly felt like this though... 

In the end I was really happy that I ended up going and didn't stay home because it really did help me feel better. My headache went away and I felt taller and stretched out. I actually felt more relaxed than I did when I was just laying on the couch. 

When I got home I walked through the door and asked hubby to come help me and he said he couldn't and sounded like he was in pain. I went into the den and he was laying on the floor. He apparently pulled his back really bad. He can't even walk. SO guess who had to take ANOTHER day off work. I am thankful I have a job where I can easily take a day off but I only get so many and I am going to end up using them all just this month. UGH 
So I am home with him so I can take him to the doctor in a couple of hours and also getting all the stuff he needs. I am his nurse today since he can't walk poor boy. Apparently we both need to be careful about our backs when we work out. 

So this morning he laid in bed with an ice pack and I laid in bed next to him with cereal and 
watched Jeopardy. 

This is my new favorite cereal 

Cascadian Farms Organic Cereals are really good 
This is Hearty Morning Fiber 

I add in a few raw almonds and 2 dates that I chopped up and cover in almond coconut milk. 
Any cereal is good with Almond Coconut milk. 

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