Sunday, October 21, 2012

Smaller Me Can Play Fashionista!

I used to be very obsessed with clothes and shoes - until it wasn't as fun to shop for these things. I stopped loving the shopping when I never felt cute in anything I tried on OR the only clothes that were really cute in my size were just too expensive. (Which they still are... but thanks to Gwynnie Bee I kind of worked around that a bit. See the end of this post for more on that topic!) 

For the last several years I have been a yoga pants t-shirt loving fool- which is comfortable and great. I will never give up on my comfy style BUT ...

Since losing 56 pounds I think its important to tap back into my fashion sense and actually try to look presentable in public again. 

Yesterday my husband and I went to Longview and while there I made him go with me to TJ Max, Payless, and Target 

Lately I have been obsessed with leopard print, rose gold, and boots! (Also purses but I couldn't find a purse I loved that was under $100) 

This was an outfit that I put together last night from stuff I already owned. 
This is a black pencil skirt that I got as a gift and couldn't zip but was too embarrassed to return. 
It now fits and looks super cute with my white leopard cardigan, belt, and purple suede wedges!

 Speaking of SHOES - I love the little booties. I have wanted some for a long time but I have not bought a pair of shoes... well since my wedding shoes. I used to love shoe shopping. I had tons of fun heels and things but if you have never weighed 275 pounds you don't understand how much heels are NOT fun for a fat person. Its just too much weight to push onto your feet and toes. Now that I weigh less heels aren't as painful anymore and so I am going to start putting them in my closet again. 

Check out these cute Payless finds 

$50 for the leopard Christian Siriano booties

 $40 for the American Eagle vintage style booties 

Hopefully I will keep up losing weight and eventually I will be able to buy clothes not just shoes and accessories! BUT until than I have Gwynnie Bee. 

Here is the shirt that is currently being shipped to me - SO EXCITED 

Just to show you the value of Gwynnie Bee I pay $34 a month and I can rent one item out at a time. This shirt that I am getting is $112 at the retail website. To own all of these designer clothes I am renting would cost a fortune and I can return them before they are too big for me and I waste all the money. 

If you haven't yet go check it out at Gwynnie Bee's Website 

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