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I bought this book “Skinny Bitch” and I really liked it up until the chapter “Dead rotting flesh” which basically talked about the inhumanity of eating animals. It quoted much of the book Slaughterhouse and was the most disturbing scaring thing I have read. What made it worse was I already saw this

the day before and thought “Maybe I should be vegetarian!”

This book really made me want to be totally Vegan. I don’t know if this feeling will last and it will be really difficult since my husband has no desire to be vegan. I went to the grocery store and felt guilty even looking at the meat case because all I could see were the images from this book. I don’t even want to buy or cook meat for my husband. Deciding not to eat it isn’t the only thing purchasing and cooking it is not good for me either considering the problem with it isn’t just about consumption but more about not buying into the inhumane slaughtering and use of animals. It was really disturbing to even read about dairy and egg production.  So now I am all like WELL SHIT if I have a soul I will be vegan. I have had vegan meals multiple times since going healthy but I still ate meat and dairy. I buy free-range eggs already but according to the book that statement isn’t regulated and may not be accurate plus they are still slaughtered…

My cousin called this! I was talking about meat consumption and killing things. I swore off killing things a long time ago. I don’t even kill bugs…. I make my husband do it. Now I see that this isn’t any better because the bug is still dying BUT not at my hands. Its murder for hire… that’s still wrong isn’t it hahah
This is the same with my husband hunting. I don’t mind that he hunts because I can’t change that he wants to hunt but I refuse to shoot an animal. Did I eat what he killed? Yes. I know again this is weird right but my feeling was “It is already dead it would be wrong to let the animals life be wasted by refusing to eat it if it already died for consumption anyway.”

Now I have to decide do I think that eating the meat of a wild animal that is shot and dies instantly is humane.  Do I think that there is a humane way to kill any animal? Should killing an animal for consumption ever be ok? I DON’T KNOW

Am I turning into a hippie PETA freak? OH GOD

I already check products for no animal testing which I am not 100% on… I am sure there are things I use that have in some way had animal testing associated with their production. OH GOD I am evil. I am sure a lot of people will think that my concern is ridiculous.

This may quite possibly be a fad that fades away from consciousness unless I reread that chapter everyday which I have no intention of doing OH GOD my eyes are still bleeding a little. 

I do however intend to be vegan for the next week at least and see what happens. I plan on questioning this feeling and my decision to change my ideals on meat consumption and what I find humane and acceptable. Everyone is different and has a different idea of what is and is not ok for an animal to endure but I think if everyone was honest with themselves and looked into the real horrors of meat production nobody should find that acceptable EVER.

Now here is the big problem… I like meat. I have gone a day without eating meat but not more than a day. How can I do this? I guess its like giving up anything else you have to find a swap for it and let your tastes and cravings change. I already know I love veggie burgers and vegetarian items at the store. I already swapped my milk for almond milk so that’s done. I guess I will have to test out those soy products that imitate chicken and ground beef and see what happens.

I am not saying that I am making a lifetime change to be vegan because I can’t say that with certainty I am still trying to decide how much of this is still shock talking and how much of this is unacceptable to me forever. This is something I have to search my thoughts and feelings on.  Should I do this because I feel like its wrong or should I follow the norm of society because I grew up on it and learned to disassociate with where the meat comes from and how it gets into my grocery store. 

If you have been considering a vegan diet, here are 5 reasons why this type of diet is a good idea.
1. Humane Choices
If you eat meat, dairy products or eggs, you are contributing to the often abusive conditions of farm-raised animals. Each year, thousands upon thousands of animals suffer through the torture of being used for food. By eating vegan, you can help eliminate this abuse. If you choose to become a vegan, you alone will save hundreds of animals a year from being killed in a horrible way.
2. Health
A vegan diet is a healthy diet. People who eat a vegan diet are less likely to develop things like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes because meat can contain things that are bad for a person’s health. When you decide to eat a vegan diet, your health will begin to improve immediately.
3. Save The Environment
If you truly care about helping the environment in every way possible, you must seriously consider becoming vegan. The meat industry not only contributes to pollution, but it is also a contributing factor to climate change. If you want to live an environmentally conscious life, you need to become a vegan.
4. Energy
If you are sick and tired of both looking and feeling drained of energy, you may want to consider becoming a vegan. Not only will a vegan diet give you an amazing amount of energy, but it will also help you look better. Animal products are not only draining on the inside of the body, but these products can also make you look drained on the outside. If you want to look and feel more energized, you should consider changing to a vegan diet.
5. Think About It
When you eat meat, you are also eating things like feces and other gross bodily fluids. According to studies, meat is the leading cause of food poisoning cases. When you eat meat, you are also eating nasty contaminants that can make you very sick. If you want keep nasty contaminants out of your body, try eating a vegan diet.
If you want to eat a diet that is better for both your health and the environment, you may want to consider eating a vegan diet. Not only will a vegan diet make you look and feel healthier, but this type of diet also contributes to the humane treatment of animals. If you truly care about your body and the earth, there is no better lifestyle choice than eating a vegan diet.

So....for right now no slaughterhouse is getting my money until I do further research on what I find humane and that I can ethically live with. 

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