Monday, October 15, 2012

Sick of being SICK

Yes it is 8:40 on a work day and I am blogging. 
I am home sick. 

Workout goal BLOWN 

I may feel better later tonight and take a walk around the neighborhood but definitely no Zumba as planned. 

I don't know where this even came from I just woke up at about 6:30 and BAM nauseous and then BAM in the restroom.  

I feel like the world is against my weight loss goal. My fever blisters finally got to the point where I could work out so yesterday it was so gorgeous outside I tool the dogs on a walk around the neighborhood and jogged just a little. I was really excited to go to Zumba today and get back into working out everyday. How do you keep active and healthy when you are sick? 

I am falling back on my weight loss. I haven't lost a lot of weight in the last few weeks because I haven't been working out. I HAVE TO GET BACK TO WORKING OUT and life keeps happening. 

I set this big goal of being under 200 pounds by January 1st 
That would be 75 pounds gone in one year! 

Thats a great goal but I want to remember that this is a lifestyle change and changing my life and habits is more important than the number on the scale. 

I know I know I have had this conversation with myself before but I have to repeat these things because sometimes I lose sight of what is really important about my transformation. 

I am going to take a long time to transform. 
This is a lifetime of bad habits I have to change and correct. 

I am not perfect but I am trying to change. I think about it everyday and I make steps in the right direction everyday. I can't help that I am sick there is no point getting mad at myself that I can't workout because I threw up this morning... thats just plain ridiculous Johanna. 
We will start back tomorrow with working out! 

NOW to remind myself how far I have come and not feel so down on myself lets look at a year old photo... 

Yes I used to look pregnant. 
My stomach is SO huge that I don't even look like I have boobs. 
This shirt is way too tight. For some reason I thought it made me look thinner to wear stuff this tight. 


First of all because my stomach isn't so HUGE the shirt actually hangs down so it appears longer... notice this hits my thighs and in the above its on my stomach and butt. Also if you look at the bottom hem its so lose it hangs away from my body its not SUCKING to my stomach like the nasty photo from a year ago. 

I pulled the shirt to the side because its very lose now so that you could see if it was as tight as it had been in the above photo I would have.....


Now I am not even close to being done but DANG have I come far. 
I want to be totally free of rolls and pooches and I am changing. 
I have made a HUGE change so I should stop thinking like I haven't. 

I even told my husband "I feel like I look the same and that I haven't lost any weight" 

Here is proof that sometimes we need to take a step back and remember where we came from - I may not have changed in the last few weeks but I have surely changed in the last several months.

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