Tuesday, October 2, 2012


OH MY GOODNESS! Yoga was seriously awesome tonight. 

I got off work, cut off my hair 

Then I headed to Yoga. I was nervous but seriously there was no reason. My instructor was so nice and the other ladies were really friendly too. The best parts were the lights were off and she played calming music. It was so relaxing. Towards the end after the harder stuff we just laid on our backs with our eyes closed and she put these aromatherapy towels over our eyes and rubbed on our temples. OH MAN 

It was honestly the best thing in the WORLD. 

Now I have to start packing for Mexico - I drive to Dallas tomorrow after work. 
BUT I still have to finish my grade book. 
I think tonight is going to be loaded with COFFEE 

No more blogging until I am back from here... 

Jealous I know!!! 


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