Monday, October 1, 2012


Yeah I am back!
 The bad thoughts, the bad self image, it all faded when my feet hit that treadmill. 
45 minutes of wonderful and glorious gym time. 

After the gym I ran to Kroger to pick up dinner as well as snacks for the airplane and resort. 

Luna Fiber Bars (try these they are better than nutra grain but taste similar) 
Skinny Cow dark chocolate clusters 
Quaker Rice Cakes - Cheddar, and Pomegranate Blackberry
F-Factor - super fiber plus chocolate chewy bars 

A couple of other things 
Pomegranate Juice and Dark Chocolate for sweet tooth cravings and LOADS of antioxidents

I feel really good buying cage free organic brown eggs haha

Excited about steel cut oats! 

Once I got home I had a Gwynnie Bee package. They sent me two sizes in this new shirt because they said that it runs large. The package only had one shirt though and it was the too large shirt DANG. 

Its so cute and perfect for Mexico but DANG its way to big. 

With hands on hips it doesn't look too huge... 

I love the pattern going over the shoulder its so cute! 

Hopefully the smaller shirt comes by Wednesday because this is too perfect for Cancun. 

OK now that I am in a good mood I can see the huge progress I have made. 
Take a look at my face comparing again to the nasty ugly fatty face from my engagement photos 2 years ago

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