Monday, October 29, 2012

Humane Choice

I decided to sleep on my thoughts and do some research for both sides so I could figure out if I am really strongly compelled to be a vegan or if I can find a way to be an ethical meat eater. 

According to the Global Animal Partnership their animals are held to a high standard to ensure proper treatment and a good life. 

I read through the treatment regulations of every animal HERE and the main promise is 

Step 1: No cages, no crowding 
Step 2: Enriched environment 
Step 3: Enhanced outdoor access Step 
4: Pasture centered
Step 5: Animal centered: Bred for outdoors 
Step 5+: Animal Centered: Entire life on same farm

I would say that I think that is at least a humane way of life for the animal. Is the animal still killed for consumption... yes. Is my problem with eating meat? I can't say that it is because I just had meat yesterday. My problem is with the sever mistreatment of an animal for its meat production. I feel like I would eat a humanely raised and killed animal. It just seems weird right... I don't agree with animal mistreatment but I do agree with it being killed???? I don't understand that idea either but its compromise for me and for the love of my meat loving husband. The main problem is that these farms held to these standards don't sell at every store. Every piece of meat sold at Whole Foods must pass through a 5 step GAP farm. Well great... the closes Whole Foods is only 4 hours away. I checked into Brookshire's Fresh but they didn't have a statement on their website that talked about animal welfare standards or anything like that other than to say it was "antibiotic and growth hormone free beef and veggie fed organic chicken" which doesn't say anything about if its humanely raised or treated.  I also found a "Certified Humane" retailer. The closest ones are of course Dallas and Houston. I am also wondering about dog food... like how is that manufactured? 

HERE is a list of where you can buy certified humane meat as well as HERE for humane choice products. 

In all this research I realized my dogs eat factory farmed mistreated animals I am sure... so I guess they have humane dog food too. 

WELL GREAT this sounds expensive but I can either refuse to eat meat or at least be informed and buy meat from farmers who do the right thing. 

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