Friday, October 12, 2012

Fellow Blogger Praise!

It is FRIDAY! I am beyond excited to sleep late tomorrow and spend a day just being lazy and hanging out with my husband. I am planning on making pumpkin french toast that I saw on Emily Bites, a weight watchers friendly recipe blog. OR I may make Pumpkin Oat Bread via one of my favorite bloggers Naturally Ella.


Aside from pumpkin cravings this fall I have been craving soups and stews a lot lately. I tried to change up my regular go to of curry or mexican soup because that can get old if I overdo it. Split Pea and Ham sounded great and actually I made it last week but needed to revamp it SO here is my tested and approved recipe for...

 Crock Pot Slit Pea and Ham Soup

  • Ham chunks -I switched it up and used Julienned strips because the chunks were really small. Actual ham from a baked ham would be even better than purchasing pre cut bagged ham but I did this with what I had and what was easiest! I used two bags because I like my soups meaty 
  • One bag of split peas 
  • Diced Carrots (about 2 cups)
  • One diced Onion 
  • Two Bay Leaves 
  • 8 small yellow potatoes cut into bite size chunks 
  • 8 cups of Water 
  • Salt, Pepper, or other seasonings to taste 

Put all ingredients into the crock pot and let it cook 6-8 hours on low. I actually took about 3-4 cups of the cooked soup and pureed it then added it back so it would be creamier since all you use is water. This is super healthy and OMG it is very tasty.

I could not take an appetizing photo... so I am borrowing

Via Kalyn's Kitchen
* not only was she able to take a good picture of split pea soup but she has a fabulous blog full of tons of other recipes so you should check her out

I have mentioned SKINNY EMMIE before and I hope you have checked her out.
I love her and she is the one who told me about Gwynnie Bee.

I want to finish up tonight talking about Gwynnie Bee and Skinny Emmie partnership deal of a FREE 30 day trial at Gwynnie Bee. You can get up to 5 garments at a time for FREE.

When you sign up just make sure that you use Emmie or Skinny Emmie for who referred you when you sign up.


Now I will leave you with a few items that are in my GB closet that I am SO excited about.


Now I am going to lay in bed, enjoy my keurig hot chocolate with cinnamon, cayenne, and fat free reddi whip MMM and a package of skinny cow dreamy clusters and let my husband rub on my back as he watches baseball. THIS IS THE LIFE 

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