Monday, October 8, 2012


I had the most fabulous and wonderful vacation at my cousins wedding in Cancun.

I did a good job staying on track for the most part. 

I worked out twice once at the gym and then I did water aerobics. I could have done more but Saturday I decided to rest and sleep in a little since I had to sing that night. 

Food wise I would say I did pretty well they didn't have a whole lot of bad food but I did eat dessert because they just had huge buffets and I was on Vacation so Im eating some chocolate cake yo. 

I didn't take photos of everything because I was too busy eating and swimming and having fun but I did try to take a few 

Everyday for lunch and breakfast we ate at a buffet. 
This day I had cabbage, zucchini and broccoli marinara, brussel sprouts, and YUMMY paella 

This day I decided to be bad and I had french toast, plantains, bacon, and chorizo eggs 

Bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, prosscuito, plantains, eggs, and fruit 

I only have a picture of dinner from the first night at the Mexican restaurant. 
We had a platter of appetizers to share with the table. 

I had a FABULOUS dinner. It was poblano rice with snapper with a pepper sauce and crispy green leaf thing and red onions and cilantro. I could eat it everyday. The portion was small but that made me feel like I was being good so I didn't overeat. 

Dessert was a lemon tequila tart with lime sorbet 

I am glad I am back home and can eat normal again but DANG that was some good food and it was fun to eat so different every meal of everyday. Lots of seafood and tropical fruits and deliciousness. 

Now I gotta get back in my regular workout mode and start eating lighter again. 

Last thing I will share are my two Gwynnie Bee items that I got a ton of compliments on at the wedding. 

Here I am in the Polynesian kimono top at dinner with my cousin Sara.
 I loved this top, it was silky and comfortable and really bright and pretty! 

Here I am with the bride GORGEOUS right? I loved her lace dress. This is the green cap sleeve wrap dress from Gwynnie Bee that I also really loved. 

Gwynnie Bee changed my life! 

Again I was so focused on the purpose of my trip that I didn't stress over small stuff I enjoyed myself and celebrated the union of Jessica and Carson. 

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