Thursday, September 13, 2012


Today (aside from 5th period) was a great day! I wore my new Gwynnie Bee shirt to work. It was too big but it had that flowy silk thing going on so I got compliments on it which means I guess it wasn't TOO big. I am returning it tomorrow for something new. haha SO FUN

Wore some slacks I hadn't worn yet but they are too big... DANG 

After work I went to the gym. The first thing I did when I got changed was step on the scale to check on my weight. GUESS WHAT? 


THATS RIGHT the second number is a ONE. AGH I die 

I was so pumped up over my progress that I ran 6 minutes without stopping today. I rocked it hard and felt good. I probably could have kept going but I stopped because I didn't want to over do it and be useless tomorrow at the gym. 

I loved this when I saw it. It really makes you think of exercise differently and I certainly feel like when I work out I am doing something good for myself. I actually look forward to going to the gym now. WHAT? That seems so wrong. Now I know how my husband feels when we go on vacation and he says "I NEED TO GO TO WORK OUT!" Today I was actually happy to leave work to get on that treadmill. 

When I got home I decided I would do another photo check. HERE is what I saw 

My lovely before.... 

And just to remind you of my fatty face 

So glad I am changing my habits and I feel better than ever! I have energy and pride in my body. 


  1. You are AMAZING!! I love reading your blog, you've inspired me to work harder towards my own goals.


  2. Thanks so much. I am glad I can be inspiration to others and I hope that you reach your goals PLUS SOME